An enormous, transforming robot and Subspace Army warmonger. Galleom is characterized by various attack threats, including jump stomps, beefy arm bludgeonings, and even missiles fired from his back. He also has a Subspace Bomb set in his head, which he can use in times of desperation to blow himself up and drag the player into the darkness of Subspace. He's one tough robot!
~ Galleom's Trophy description.

Galleom (in Japanese: ガレオム) is a recurring antagonist in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. He is a titanic member of the Subspace Army who the player has to fight on various occasions. He is also notable for being unique to the franchise, as he does not appear in any other Nintendo series.


Galleom appears to be a giant purple robot/cyborg which consists of simian features, and is also capable of transforming into a jet propelled tank labeled as the Galleom Tank. He is covered head to toe in a heavy mech arsenal, possessing two rocket launchers as shoulder weapons, and powerful jets on his feet. He wears an iron knight mask that covers his face, as well as metallic arm braces over his bulky forearms. He is also quite agile in this form, capable of performing extremely large jumps, leading to the possibility that his jumps are jet propelled. In his tank form, he is much more compact, only being able to attack by either firing the missiles on his back, or simply by ramming into his foe at a high speed. As a last resort, he can set off a Subspace Bomb hidden within his head.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The Subspace Emissary

Galleom tank mode

A trophy of Galleom's Tank Mode

Marth, Ike, and Meta Knight were the first to spot Galleom as he was traveling through the desert in his tank form. The trio quickly caught up to him and defeated him, knocking him down onto unstable ground which gave way, and Galleom landed in the Ruined Hall, where Lucas and the Pokémon Trainer challenge him.

They manage to defeat him, and, in a last desperate attempt, Galleom grabs both Lucas and the Pokémon Trainer, starts the the countdown on his emergency Subspace Bomb, then jets into the sky.

Lucas manages to free both himself and the Pokémon Trainer by using PK Thunder, but in the process causes them both to fall a great distance. Meta Knight manages to catch the duo just before they land, then fly them away from the Subspace Bomb's blast. Galleom is then sucked into the Great Maze, where he is fought and defeated again by the heroes and villains (who have joined the heroes in order to stop and defeat Tabuu).

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

World of Light

Galleom returns as one of the bosses in the "World of Light" story mode. He must be defeated in order to break through the shield protecting Galeem. He is found in the Base sub-world in the Light Realm. Galleom is also fought before the final fight with Galeem and Dharkon.

After defeating him in World of Light, a Neutral-type Primary Spirit of Galleom can be obtained. His ability increases power of punches.

Classic Mode

Galleom also appears as one of the bosses in Classic Mode, appearing in Wolf, R.O.B., King K. Rool, Dark Pit, Snake, and Mega Man's Classic Mode campaigns.


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