A Goddess of the love that is not loved by no one; what a joke
~ Gallia about Pallas.

Gallia was one of the four primary class pallasites. She is not a human. As a pallasite, she has the time control and other powers, depends onhis weapon (sword) and without it, the distortions made by she disappear.


Like Aegaeon, Gallia has in interest in humans. But, Gallia wants judges the humans (is the work that she has with her sword) and don't study them. She thinks she is like a goddess, and must judge the other peoples, and become an egomaniac woman, like a god. In her judgment, the humans are a bad race; and in her judgment, Aegaeon is a weak guy and Pallas and Paradox are weak women, because they represent the love, a human feeling, so, Athena and Pallas are failed gods, and Paradox is so unfortunate like Pallas; Gallia never feigned likes Pallas, and mocked her.

But, according to her, she doesn't cling to humans, and discards them when they disturb, but she had never perceived that she had interest in humans.

Paradox Liberation

Gallia followed Aegaeon and Hyperion and observed Titan care of Pallas; she is a Saturn servant.

So, she frees Paradox of Cape Sounion with his sword, the Photontector, and asks to she help the Pallasites.

Pallas Belda

Gallia orders Paradox to kill Integra and the other Athena Saints, and kills Athena too. After Paradox become to the good side, Gallia arrives there and injures Paradox; Integra and Paradox use their power to save Athena, Seiya, Harbinger, Fudou and Kiki of Europe's Mars and bring them to Gallia's room; Paradox fakls very injured after using her last power; Galiia wants to kill Athena, and Pallas asks until she doesn't make this, but Gallia refuses and says she is not loyal to Pallas, and Pallas says she already have known about this.

Gallia proves to be a strong enemy against Seiya and the gold saints, so, she goes out of the room to her power don't destroy the Castle. Kouga and the bronze saints ask to Seiya and the gold saints to go to Pallas's room with Athena, and Gallia tries to stop them, because she wants to kill Athena. But, Kouga and the bronze saints stop her attack.

Gallia just plays with the bronze saints and don't kill them immediately. So, with the begin of the Omega Cosmo, their clothes change the structure, and all they attack her sword, and destroy it. After, Gallia is defeated by the bronze saints.

Powers and Abilities

Gallia is a light lady, and she controls light powers. She also can attack over the speed of the light. A ray of light of his sword, can cut anything.

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