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Gallon (in Japanese: ガロン, Garon) is a minor antagonist in Fist of the North Star.

He was voiced by the late Saburō Kamei in the anime.


Gallon leads a force under Ken-Oh to take over Mamiya's village, wounding Bat in the process. He intends to make the villagers be servants of Ken-Oh voluntarily by branding them with the mark. One villager tries to resist, so Gallon has him dance burning hot platform. As the villager pledges loyalty, he is burned alive. Gallon then orders the villagers to make it easy on themselves.

As more villagers are branded with Ken-Oh's mark, Lin is taken captive and ordered to swear eternal loyalty, or take the fiery dance. As Lin doesn't want to serve demons like Gallon, Rei suddenly appears to kill one of Gallon's henchmen considering him a demon with a human's face.

Even with much of his henchmen getting cut down, Gallon points out Rei's weakness, Airi. Gallon orders his men to kidnap her to pressure Rei into Ken-Oh's cause. Just then, Airi shows resistance by using a crossbow against Gallon's henchmen, giving the villagers renewed vigor to fight back.

With the villagers finally resisting, Gallon goes into a fury and drinks some gasoline then draws some swords. Using Katojutsu, Gallon attempts to burn Rei with fire from his mouth, but Rei is not fazed. Just when Raoh arrives, Gallon attempts to take Rei by surprise, but Rei cuts the villain open, spilling his gasoline onto fire. As Gallon tries to get help, he is burned alive.

In the anime, Gallon agrees to spare the platform dancing villager sometime before his fight with Rei.

Powers and Abilities

Gallon uses Katojutsu which makes him blow fire while also using swords.


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