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First lesson: never trust anyone.
~ Galvatron
Megatron: So it is true. are me.
Galvatron: Once but that was a long time ago. I am the property of a powerful being. Older than history. A devorer of worlds, seeing my every moves.
Megatron: Unicron.
~ Galvatron reveals to Megatron that he is him from the future.
Galvatron: Traitorous fool. Changing Timeline doesn't make you immuze to Unicron. He comes for you too.
Megatron: That's why I rather die than serve.
~ Galvatron betrayed by Megatron.

Galvatron is a major antagonist of Transformers: War for Cybertron: Earthrise and Kingdom. As Megatron's possible future self enslaved to Unicron, he encountered his younger self in the Dead Universe, and mentored him to change the timeline.

He was voiced by Jason Marnocha, who also voices Megatron.



In one potential future, Megatron would come under the thrall of Unicron after finally killing Optimus Prime, and be reformatted into Galvatron. Galvatron considered this "only agony", and was desperate to alter his life to escape his master.

Transformers: War for Cybertron: Earthrise

Galvatron arriving in the past through time travel.

Managing to briefly escape his master, Galvatron travelled to the past, and encountered his younger self in the Dead Universe, aboard the Nemesis. Galvatron introduced himself as a guide to the future, and was careful not to reveal too much. After Megatron lashed out and attacked the stranger, Galvatron matched him blow for blow.

Galvatron admitted that he took a massive risk in coming here, but he knew it would all be worth it if Megatron killed Optimus Prime and seized the Matrix of Leadership. Galvatron took Megatron on a tour of their past, reminding him of how they were forged within gladiatorial conflict. Galvatron urged Megatron to focus on hatred rather than reliance of others to determine his path forward. He admitted that despite his power, he was still bound by his master, which could be changed by Megatron mastering his fate.

Galvatron dragged back to the future.

After seeing the Ark about to escape the Dead Universe, Galvatron urged Megatron to use his hatred to influence the Dead Universe and destroy the Autobots. Megatron managed to summon a plague of hatred, but was prevented from destroying the Ark by Sky Lynx sacrificing himself. His plan foiled, Galvatron was painfully pulled back to his native time by Unicron, who promised to punish him severely for this transgression. Galvatron attempted to turn over a golden disk in one last attempt to change the past, but it disappeared as he did.


Arriving to return to the past once again, Galvatron frees Megatron from the stasis cell on the Ark. Immediately after Megatron understands that Galvatron is indeed coming from the future, Galvatron explains that he is now only the property of Unicron while also suggesting to his younger counterpart to recover the Allspark in order to be able to kill Unicron even before he become his master. Megatron is reluctant because using the Allspark against Unicron would mean Cybertron's potential end but Galvatron doesn't care about their planet's fate if it means freedom. He then asks him if he prefers a life of freedom or a return to slavery.

The two Decepticons then proceed to escape the ship despite attempts by the Autobots and Maximals to stop them. Arrived at the Allspark temple, Galvatron shoots an Optimus confronting his counterpart from the future who also came with Galvatron and also Unicron's slave, Nemesis Prime. Galvatron then reveals that if Optimus was able to return to Cybertron it was thanks to them because they pulled them out of the Dead Universe before it was too late. He also reveals that since the Allspark no longer exists in their timeline since Optimus had failed to bring it back to origin, their whole purpose was to reclaim the Allspark of the present. When Optimus tries to convince them that restoring the Allspark to Cybertron could change the future, Nemesis Prime claims that it won't change their time flow. The Maximals, Predators, Autobots and even the Decépticons suddenly join the scene, all allies to stop Galvatron and Nemesis. Starscream tries to convince Megatron to join them for something better, only for Galvatron to respond to Starcream that he's wasting his time as Megatron already knows his place but to his surprise, Megatron turns on him, realizing that Galvatron is dependent on him. from him and not the other way around. Disappointed, Galvatron calls Megatron an idiot because Unicron will eventually come for him. Megatron replies that he prefers to die free than as a slave before being slyly attacked by Nemesis.

A violent gunfire conflict ensues thereafter, during which Galvatron admits to having voluntarily left Megatron II with the golden disk for Megatron to receive it. Despite their enemies' best efforts, Galvatron and Nemesis escape them, rushing towards the temple after realizing that Bumblebee was there with the Allspark. At the same time, the spirits of the Cybertronians who died during the war appear and manage to banish Galvatron and Nemesis from their timeline. Following the defeat of the Unicron lackeys, Cybertron is finally restored and it is peace between Autobots and Decepticons.

Galvatron and Nemesis suddenly return to their time, confronted by Unicron who although angry, is grateful to them for using the Dead Universe for time travel, giving him access to new horizons just before he begins to reformat his two minions.


  • Galvatron's entrance homages his creation in Transformers: The Movie, and his storyline of using time travel to escape Unicron mirrors his G1 Marvel Comics storyline.
  • In Earthrise, Galvatron serves as a dark mirror to Sky Lynx, with both acting as guides to their respective faction leaders. While Sky Lynx warns Optimus of going down a darker path, Galvatron encourages it in Megatron.


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