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The Crystalia hero known as Galza is now dead. From this day forward, I'm Galza, the Demon General of Yodonheim. Henceforth, I'll stain the Earth. Emperor Yodon won't allow any beautiful things to exist!
~ Galza as he prepared to attack the Earth.
I had always intended for this moment to come! As of now, this body belongs to me. Emperor Yodon is dead. His power... is now mine. I have been reborn, and am the new emperor... Lord Galza!
~ Galza becomes Lord Galza and declares himself the new ruler of Yodonheim.
The purpose of my life...I will forge it, here and now!
~ Galza's last words.

Treacherous Demon General Galza is the central antagonist of Mashin Sentai Kiramager. He is the younger brother of King Oradin of Crystalia and the uncle of Princess Mabushina.

Out of jealousy for his brother being king, and influenced by Emperor Yodon from a young age, he betrayed Crystalia and joined Dark Empire Yodonheim to become one of Yodon Army's generals. He later becomes a personality aspect of Emperor Yodon and usurps the Emperor's power, becoming the new ruler of Yodonheim as Lord Galza.

He was voiced by Yuichi Nakamura, who also voiced Hazama/Yuuki Terumi in BlazBlue as well as both Deratsueigar and Waredonaiyer from Gokaiger. The young Galza was voiced by Natsumi Kawaida.


Take a gander at these claws! These fangs! And the chainsaw!
~ Galza boasting about Darkness Megabeast Mecha Smog Jouki.

Prior to his corruption by Emperor Yodon, Galza was no different to Oradin, Juuru and Mabushina, being a creative and passionate child. He got along well with his brother Oradin and enjoyed drawing and using his imagination with him. However, after Emperor Yodon's corrupting influence on him, Galza grew arrogant, cruel and abrasive, believing himself to be stronger than Oradin and being jealous of his brother being the king, which drove his treachery against his brother.

Galza is also shown to be manipulative, treacherous and cruel, shown when he pretended to be brainwashed and manipulated Juuru and Mabushina into trusting him, and manipulating Freezer Jamen into having a conflict with Oven Jamen, which only ended up having the former killed. He also looked down on anyone he considered as weak, and had zero hesitation to kill even his own minion if they failed him, stepped in his way or merely out of usefulness for him.

In most conversations, Galza is posh and eerily cool, coldly conspiring with Carantula to concoct new ways to corrupt the Earth and destroy the Kiramagers. Beneath this however, Galza is incredibly wrathful, not tolerating any inconveniences. He frequently reacts with fury whenever something gets in his way, such as destroying Paleolith Basra when he got in the way of his fight with Kiramaizin in Smog Jouki, something which shocked even Carantula. Despite this, Galza frequently plays the "straight man" between himself and Carantula, often looking down at Carantula's childish antics. There are times when it's the other way around however, such as when Carantula left Galza alone after he got caught up in playing the electric guitar.

In addition, Galza can be very haughty and often sneers at the Kiramagers, seeing them as beneath him. He has a special hatred for Juru in particular, as his Kiramental reminds him of his brother Oradin. His haughtiness is not limited to his enemies however as he later begins mocking Carantula when his plans for Jamenshi continuously fail. On the other end, Galza seems to respect others who are also shown to be cool. He took an interest in Yodonna after witnessing how ruthless and sadistic she was and was eager to work together with her.

Despite all this, Galza's loyalty is not to Crystalia or Yodonheim but to himself, and he will seize on any opportunity to obtain more power as soon as it presents himself. He is also quite effective at coming up with such plans on the fly, taking advantage of Shadon's death and Carantula's exile to usurp Emperor Yodon as the ruler of Yodonheim.


  • He is clearly based on Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise, being a black armored warrior who was once the Chosen One of his people until he was corrupted into turning to the Dark Side.
  • The resemblance Lord Galza has to Kamen Rider Thouser from the Kamen Rider franchise has led fans to jokingly dub it "Another Thouser".


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