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The Game Store Manager is the main antagonist in the Regular Show episode "But I Have a Receipt".

He was voiced by Roger Craig Smith.


Mordecai and Rigby buy a The Realm of Darthon Game from him they try to play it with their friend on game night. However, they quickly leave claiming the game stinks so Mordecai and Rigby decide to return it and get their money back.

When they arrive at the store next morning they push their way through the line and demand a refund from the manager. However, since the game was opened he can't accept it and states that Mordecai and Rigby are playing it wrong. So, they drive all his customers away by telling them how bad the game is. After multiple attempts, Mordecai and Rigby drive off his last customer. Enraged, the Game Store Manager uses a spell book to transport them into the game. 

Once there, Mordecai and Rigby fight off his monsters with a little help from Skips, Pops and Benson. The manager then sends them away and reveals himself to them as Darthon the ruler of the realm and master of the game. After counteracting many attacks from Mordecai and Rigby using his imagination they quickly discover that they can use their own imagination. After counteracting all of his attacks Mordecai then stabs the Game Store Manager with the immunity sword (which is immune to all rule changes).

After returning to reality the Game store Manager finally gives up and refunds their money. He then drives home with a ruler in his chest and possibly dies. 

He returns in "Exit 9B" where he is revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. as Darthon. However, he was sent back after Thomas signs the document.


  • He had four inches of the ruler in him after Mordecai stabbed him.
  • He somehow makes a few cameos throughout the series.


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