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Gammaizer Fire is one of the 15 Gammaizers who serve as guardians of the Gamma World and a major antagonist in Kamen Rider Ghost

It is voiced by Sayaka Ohara in its regular form and by Akihiro Mayama when mimicking Adel's form.


Gammaizer Fire was originally created by Edith alongside the other 14 Gammaizers to act as a conduit to the Great Eye and allow Adonis to safely interface with it.

When Takeru transforms into Ghost Grateful Damashii the first time to face Jabel, Gammaizer Fire deemed him a threat and teleported from the praying room in the Gamma World to the Human World, possessing Jabel and turning him into Gamma Ultima Fire in order to use him to eliminate Takeru. However, Ghost Grateful Damashii was able to defeat Gamma Ultima Fire with his Grateful Omega Drive kick.

When Takeru and Alain infiltrated the Gamma World to save Makoto Fukami's real body, Gammaizer Fire was summoned by Adel after he killed Adonis and sent by him to eliminate the three Kamen Riders. Leading a team of Gamma Commandos and two Gamma Superiors, Gammaizer Fire chased the two into the human world. It was destroyed by Makoto after he became Kamen Rider Deep Specter, but its pillar quickly reformed in the Gamma's prayer room.

Gammaizer Fire would later merge with Adel alongside the other 14 Gammaizers to transform him into Perfect Gammaizer in preparation for his plans to bring about a perfect world.

As the Demia Project reached completion, Gammaizer Fire was summoned alongside the other Gammaizers and sent to guard the Demia Project's decoy server and hold off the Kamen Riders as the project went online. When Steve Bills attempted to give a live broadcast exposing the truth of the Demia Project, Gammaizer Fire was among the Gammaizers led by Gammaizer Climate who attacked the studio.

After Adel was defeated by Takeru and convinced to give up his ambitions, Gammaizer Fire and the other Gammaizers hijacked his body and possessed him to become Perfect Gammaizer again and resume the Demia Project. After Takeru reluctantly killed Adel to destroy Perfect Gammaizer, the 15 Gammaizers merged with the Great Eye to become the Great Eyezer. Gammaizer Fire was destroyed along with the Gammaizers after the Great Eyezer was vaporized by Ghost Mugen Damashii.


Gammaizer Fire

Gamma Ultima Fire

Great Eyezer


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