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We are the Gammaizer. We exist to protect this world. A threat has appeared that could endanger this world. We will eliminate it.
~ The Gammaizers introducing themselves to Adel.

The Gammaizers are the overarching antagonists of Kamen Rider Ghost. They are fifteen deities that protect the World of Gamma, taking the form of sacred pillars in the prayer room of the Gamma Royal Family.

In the series finale, the Gammaizers merges together with the Great Eye after Adel is defeated and killed. They formed the Great Eyezer, which serves as the final antagonist of the series.


The Gammaizers were originally created by Edith to prevent the Great Eye's power from being overused. Adonis recited a sacred prayer to them to ensure the safety of his citizens.

Though they initially had no interest in the Demia Project, after Adel overthrew Adonis they decided to obey him. They slowly began to become more self aware and took an interest in human emotions, though despite Edith and Alia's warnings, Adel refused to do anything and ignored them.

Eventually though, Adel saw the error of his ways but it was far too late as the Gammaizers forcibly merged with him to create Perfect Gammaizer. Though this form was defeated by Kamen Rider Ghost the Gammaizers were able to back themselves up. They later merged with the Great Eye to form the Great Eyezer and began erasing everyone from existence. However, they were defeated by Ghost and the fifteen Damashii Parka Ghosts, restoring everyone and destroying the Gammaizers for good.


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