Gamov is a bespectacled spy who constantly shadows Ryu Hayabusa.


Throughout Ninja Gaiden, Gamov monitors Ryu while he travels through the Vigoor Empire. He sets traps to stop Ryu from journeying further.

He claims to know a lot of information about the ninja and the Dark Dragon Blade.

Gamov eventually battles Rachel who is a hunter working with Ryu. He loses and is decapitated by the Dark Dragon Blade.



Gamov is proficient with firearms. During his battle with Rachael, he fights her with a pair of handguns.


Born from the Black Spider Ninja Clan, Gamov is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He utilizes a pair of butterfly knives.


Despite Gamov's appearance, he is very agile. He is able to easily evade attacks and can escape falls from buildings.


  • Gamov is the younger brother of Genshin.
  • Even though Gamov is related to the Black Spider Ninja Clan, he chose to be a spy for the military.
  • Garmov is almost similar to another condescending villain: the G-Man. Both characters constantly shadow the protagonist from distant vantages. Unlike the G-Man, Gamov deliberately tries to inflict harm.


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