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Ganbo (ガンボ, Ganbo) is a character and a ghoul from Tokyo Ghoul:re. He's a member of the Clowns and serves as a minor antagonist.

He is voiced by Takaaki Uchino in the Japanese version who also voiced Tupp in Pokémon: Sun & Moon, and by Mark Fickert in the English version who also voiced Blueno in One Piece.


Early life

Nothing is known about Ganbo's early life other than that at one point in time, he had joined the Clowns to satisfy his personal goals of causing chaos and anarchy or the "last laugh" according to him and the clowns.

The Auction

Ganbo first appears at the auctio in Chapter 17 of :re. He is seen at the event where he has been hired to be a personal security guard along with Roma Hoito , whom both are working on behalf of the Madam Ghouls and the other famous and rich ghouls. He first provides entertaiment as he first begins juggeling eyeballs during the opening act and is soon sent backstage to help witht he victims. He helps by restraining them to be auctioned off and does this until Juuzou Suzuya reveals himself and breaks onto the scene with brutal fighting and attacks against the ghouls nearby. Ganbo then runs off and meets up with Uta in the neighboring building.

While hiding from Juuzou, Ganbo and a few other ghouls notice a small squadron of C.C.G. soldiers nearby and he joins in an ambush against them. He manages to overpower them and even breaks Takeomi's Quinque and almost bites off his leg. Takeomi Kuroiwa however, manages to get up and grab Ganbo by the neck. He then procedes to snap his neck and ends up killing him while Ganbo's teammates flee from the scene.


Ganbo is a very tall and buff ghoul being at brute size. He is heavy dressed with overalls and a stripped shirt and is wearing a stocking cap over his head. His face is covered with facepaint especially on his left eye with a star on it and has a fake clown nose.


Ganbo is rather simple minded and behaves in a childish fashion. Being a member of the clowns however, he most likely has sadistic goals and possibly a psychotic-like personality.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Ganbo was able to break a Quinque which only a ghoul so strong can do


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