The Ganglers are a member of a crime group known as Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler that came from a dimension called the Back World and they can equip themselves with each Treasure of the Lupin Collection in their safes giving them an enhanced ability and they can use a human disguise to help them blend in the background on Earth. Also for these ganglers they each have a safe that are somewhere on the body also once they're defeated at normal size Goche Ru Medou can use her ability to enlarge the fallen members.




For each ganglers they have a status because of the safes they got on the body.


This is a list of ganglers that have one safe on their bodies and they are:

Status Double

This is a list of Ganglers that have two safes on their bodies and they're:

Status Triple

This is a list of Ganglers that have three safes on their bodies and they're:

Status Quintuple

This is a list of Ganglers that have five safes on its body and its:

Gold Status

Now this is a special list because of a gold safe that is on the Gangler's body and the only member that has it is none other than:



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Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler
Status Gold/Double Gold: Dogranio Yaboon | Zamigo Delma | Goche Ru Medou | Destra Majjo
Gangler Monsters: Ruretta Gerou | Garatt Nargo | Namero Bacho | Rabroom Jaws | Bundorute Peggy | Merg Arita | Brez Arenishka | Pitch Cock | Jenko Copamino | Naiyo Kapaja | Nanpario Pengino | Odordo Maximoff | Anidara Maximoff | Togeno Aves | Manta Bayarsh | Nero Kilner | Sudaru Urukyu | Gabatt Kababacci | Demeran Yatmis | Magooda Pone | Wilson | Herlock Sholmes | Gristo Lloyd | Zonic Lee | Pyodor | Ryugu Tamatebacco | Kunks Butylmercaptan | Envy Chiruda | Kerbero Gangan | Doryun Sanp | Pekka Zeppelin | Yadogar Gohome | Jarnake Saucer | Iselob Starfryed | Dugon Manattee | Tokagale Nakushaku | Samon Shakekisutanchin | Kazemi
Status Double: Zarudan Hou | Yoshi Urazer | Narizma Shibonz
Status Triple: Rirus Lippig
Status Quintuple: Experimental Body
Raimon Gang: Raimon Gaorufang | Ushibaroque the Brawl | Giwi Newzie
Soldiers: Porderman | Goram

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