Men are beasts! Nothing More! We fight! We kill! We devour our prey! Beasts do not stand behind beasts, little prince... they use each other as long as it suits their own selfish purpose.
~ Gangrel

Gangrel is the dictatorial king of Plegia and a major antagonist from the videogame Fire Emblem Awakening.

He was voiced by Sakamaki Manabu in the Japanese version, and Anthony Jenkins in the English dubbed version.


Originally a thief born in the slums, Gangrel was mistreated growing up, witnessing the robbery and death of his mother. Gangrel eventually rose to become the ruler of Plegia, and became known as the Mad King. Gangrel allied with the Grimleal and Plegia was turned into a religious dictatorship under the Grimleal. He enjoys war, and ignores Emmeryn's peace negotiations. Cruel and easily distracted, he enjoys deceiving others. If he is recruited into Chrom's army after Paralogue 18, he begins to change his ways, partially due to a harsh past that weighs on his mind.

Gangrel spends much of the first half of the game trying to start a war between Plegia and Ylisse as well as acquire the Fire Emblem, with little success due to Emmeryn's pacifistic nature and the importance of the Fire Emblem to Ylisse. Gangrel's men kidnap Maribelle in order to further instigate a war and seize the Emblem, but while they do succeed in instigating a war, the plan to seize the Emblem fails. After the attempted assassination of Emmeryn forces her to leave the capital, Gangrel attacks Ylisstol, causing Emmeryn to return to the capital to protect her people, allowing him to capture her upon her return.

Gangrel planned to execute Emmeryn by pushing her off the horn of a large, dragon-like skull located at Plegia Castle grounds. Chrom's army arrives right before her execution and stops it just in time. As they rush to Emmeryn's execution spot, Chrom sends in Phila to rescue her, but Aversa then summons Risen Archers to foil the rescue attempt. With the situation back under control, Gangrel gives Chrom the option to either relinquish the Fire Emblem or watch Emmeryn be killed by the Risen. Before Chrom is able to make a decision, Emmeryn walks off the horn to her supposed death (This was to prevent Chrom from choosing). Instead of being moved by her words before her suicide, Gangrel sadistically laughs and relishes in Chrom and Lissa's despair and prepares to attack the vulnerable Ylisse, while Basilio and Flavia evacuate Chrom and the rest of his army and retreat back to Ferox.

However, Emmeryn's words were able to sway many of the Plegian soldiers who witnessed the event to wonder if the war was justified. Many of the soldiers begin defecting en masse, and while Gangrel tries his best to stomp them out, he ends up only with a very small but loyal army at the Border Wastes, where he is defeated by the Shepherds and supposedly dies.

In Paralogue 18, Gangrel is revealed to have survived his last stand. Disgraced and broken, the only work the supposed dead king could get was with Zanth's pirates, working as a servant and was, ironically, being treated like trash as he had treated his soldiers. Eventually, Zanth's group encounters Chrom and the Shepherds, where Zanth throws Gangrel onto the battlefield where the two eventually meet once more. As a pathetic shell of his former self, he asks Chrom to kill him as he knows Chrom is still angry over Emmeryn's death. However, with the threat of Grima and how pathetic Gangrel has become after his defeat, Chrom manages to persuade him to join his army.

After the war, if unmarried, Gangrel fell into obscurity. Some said that he found a new kingdom to rule and ruin, while others said that he ended up in the gutters. Regardless, most people agreed that he was dead in a few years.

Other Appearances

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

Gangrel is an antagonistic Mirage that resides in an Idolasphere of Shibuya, Illusory 106 and has taken control of fashion photographer Nobu Horinozawa. He has the ability to detach his head from his body. After being separated by Nobu, he fights the party, but is defeated, screaming as his head fall to the ground.

Gangrel later reappears in Illusory Dolhr, having been revived by the Shadow Dragon, but is defeated once again.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Gangrel appears as a primary attack-type spirit whose ability increases electric attacks. His spirit battle is against Wolf O'Donnell and Bayonetta (representing Aversa) on the Omega form of the Find Mii stage, with increased attack power. Only Wolf has to be defeated to win.


Initially, Gangrel appears to be a bloodthirsty king searching for violence, as he attempted to provoke Ylisse into war with Plegia because he sought to control the continent, even mocking Emmeryn as too naive and kind. Gangrel reveals he hates the world and even his own subjects due to his harsh past. After his defeat at the Border Wastes, and recruitment into the Shepherds, he seeks forgiveness for his actions. In the DLC Hot-Spring Scramble, he attempts to apologize to Emmeryn for the pain he caused her. Later on, he rants about how he wanted to shape the future, but how the thrill of war "stained" his hands and how he wanted to escape from it. When Emmeryn calls Gangrel a friend, he is shocked by the compliment. Emmeryn's further kindness makes him guilty to the point of tears for everything he did to her.

In his supports with male Robin, Gangrel reveals that he initially intended to unite the continent to fight Valm, but became twisted by the thrill of war and resulted in many people being killed. He regrets starting the war and at the end of their supports, returns to his "energetic" personality due to Robin's words to him, and promised to help Plegian citizens who have lost their way. He also reveals that he does not worship Grima, instead paying lip service to the Grimleal compared to the majority of his people.

In his supports with female Robin, he appears to be more upbeat and lively, and constantly tries to recruit Robin to serve as his personal tactician, trying various methods such as compliments, gifts, and even asking her straight out to work for him. If Gangrel achieves an S Support with Robin, Gangrel confesses that what he really needs is someone to make sure that he does not do anything stupid when he returns to rule Plegia, and asks for her hand in marriage to ensure this.

He is the person in the army most afraid of heights.


  • Despite ultimately being a pawn of Grima and Validar, many fans felt more anger to Gangrel for his actions then them. It is felt Gangrel was worthy for the slot of main antagonist.


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