Ganon's army (formerly Demise's army) is a massive faction of evil creatures allied under the banner of the King of Evil, Ganondorf. Ganon's forces appear in numerous games in The Legend of Zelda series as antagonists.

Notable members

  • Ganondorf/Ganon/Demise - The Great King of Evil, Demon King, and Dark Lord
    • Magician, one of Ganon's copies
    • Agahnim, one of Ganon's copes, the Dark Wizard
    • Phantom Ganon, one of Ganon's copies, the Evil Spirit from Beyond
    • Yuga, Ganondorf's counterpart from Lorule
      • YuGanon, the fusion of Yuga and Ganon
  • Gohma, the leader of the Gohma species
  • Dark Link, an evil copy of Link
  • Link's Shadow, an evil copy of Link
  • Blind the Thief, loyal minion of Ganon
  • Twinrova, the Sorceress, surrogate mother of Ganon
  • Veran, Sorceress of Shadows, an evil fairy
  • Onox, General of Darkness, a dark dragon
  • Vaati, the Wind Mage, Minish turned Demon
  • King Bulblin, the Bulblin King, a massive bulblin
  • Zant, the Usurper King, Twil traitor
  • Ghirahim, the Demon Lord, Spirit of Demise's sword

Allied Races

  • Demon - a race of demonic beings
    • Shadow Links - the evil thoughts and resentment of Ganon given form
  • Gerudo - an almost all female race of thieves
  • Blin - a race of Goblin creatures. Notable types include: Moblins, Bulblins, Bokoblins, and Miniblins
  • Stal - a race of skeletal creatures. Notable types include: Stalfos, and Stalchildren
  • Chu - a race of small slimy creatures. Notable types include: Chus, Chu Chus, and Buzz Blobs
  • Darknuts - a race of powerful armored jackal warriors
  • Gohma - a hivemind of spider creatures
  • Dodongo - a race of dinosuars
  • Twili - a race of shadow beings, corrupted by Zant
  • Lizal - a race of lizard warriors
  • Ghost - undead beings
  • Octorok - octopus like species
  • Hylian - the ruling species of Hyrule, some are corrupted by Ganona nd his forces
  • Wizzrobe - a species of wizard creatures
  • Mothula - a race of moth creatures
  • Moldorm - a race of worm creatures
  • Deku - a race of small plant creatures
  • Baba - a race of tall venus fly trap monsters
  • Helmasaur - a race of shielded dinosaurs
  • Kargaroc - a race of evil birds
  • Goriya - a race of rat-like boomerang experts
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