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Gaoh (in Japanese: 我王, Gaō) is a minor antagonist in the Fist of the North Star spin-off/prequel Legends of the Dark King. He rules over the seemingly impregnable Black Steel Castle.

He was voiced by Hideyuki Umezu.


As Raoh's forces continue to try and fail to breakthrough his castle, Gaoh feels safe as he has enough food to survive for months. He also knows the kingdoms conquered by Raoh will betray him if he fails. Upon learning from his top bodyguard, Habaki that Reina is leading the attacks, Gaoh orders that she be captured.

Upon spotting Sakuya, Raoh's strategist heading for the castle, Gaoh allows her inside. Sakuya strips naked before the warlord to show she has no weapons on her, and Gaoh takes an interest in her.

That night, Sakuya lies to Gaoh about how Ken-Oh killed her parents, captured and molested her before she escaped captivity. Gaoh falls for the fabricated story, saying he would get vengeance and moves in on her, but Sakuya backs away. Gaoh tries to reason he isn't keeping her around for his own pleasure.

Sakuya then dares Gaoh to chase her and if he catches her in the darkness, they can make out. When Gaoh catches her in the hallway, Sakuya suggests he bring in the light so he can look at her naked. As soon as he does so though, Reina shoots him in the head with an arrow from afar.


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