Garade is the commander of the Neo Descal Fleet and the main antagonist of the second third of Chousei Kantai Sazer-X.


Following the destruction of the Descal flagship, Garade was called from the future by Grouza via a dimensional time capsule to take over the Earth invasion and ensure the existence of Neo Descal in the future.

Despite Grouza taking six of the Cosmo Capsules from Sazer-X, Garade was unimpressed, as Grouza had not obtain all of them. He was, however, curious about how she managed to accomplish such a feat.

After Grouza's demise, Garade begins searching through her quarters for a dangerous weapon to use to fight Sazer-X. Discovering how to turn his ship into the mecha Gareoking, Garade pilots the giant robot to use to defeat Sazer-X. However, he is interrupted when Aqual and Cyclead try to assassinate him as revenge for the abuse and belittlement they suffered under him.

Angered that his chance to defeat Sazer-X was interrupted, Garade turns his attention to the two Shoguns and tries to kill them, only for King Neo Descal to arrive and kill the general as punishment for his failures to defeat Sazer-X.


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