Garbage Man
was a Marvel supervillain and an enemy of Power Pack.

The superhuman street gang called Trash was employed by Garbage Man to run drugs to his various crackhouses. They fought Power Pack and one of the crackhouses was destroyed.

Garbage Man yelled at Trash for failing to protect a crackhouse owned by one of his clients. Later, Trash allowed the Power Pack to follow them to his base hoping to trap the heroes. Garbage Man and Trash beat the young heroes, but Garbage Man was angry with his team for leading them to his headquarters. Garbage Man ordered them to kill the unconscious heroes by injecting them with lethal doses of drugs, but they were unwilling to do it. Trash began to fight back against their former boss, and set free the Power Pack. Together the two groups managed to knock out the criminal and Blasting Cap blew up the warehouse with him inside. As police and fire trucks approached, Crazy Legs regretted that the explosion would not have taken out the Garbage Man and that he had probably already escaped.

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