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I'm a gargoyle, mate! Also, your worst nightmare!
~ Reggie's first line in the film.

Reggie and Ronnie, or better known as the Gargoyles, are the secondary antagonists of the 2018 computer-animated film Sherlock Gnomes.

Reggie was voiced by Dexter Fletcher, and Ronnie was voiced by Javone Prince.


Reggie first appears in the Natural History Museum going after Gnomeo and Watson. He brings Gnomeo to a room where the other ornaments are, which is being guarded by Ronnie. Later in the film, Reggie and Ronnie are revealed to be working for Watson to teach Sherlock Gnomes a lesson, only for the two to double-cross Watson and put him, Sherlock and Juliet in a crate on the S.S. Nimrod.

Moriarty's Plan

It is revealed that the gargoyles worked for Moriarty, who plans to smash the ornaments under the Tower Bridge's weight. When Gnomeo stopped the bridge, Reggie gets Moriarty a fireworks launcher and flies into Tower Bridge, only to be confronted by Gnomeo.


Reggie and Ronnie are chasing Gnomeo and Juliet, and Juliet tricks them into turning into statues to prevent the humans from knowing that they're alive, only for the two to fall into the water. Like Moriarty, who would also fall in the water, it is unknown or unlikely if they survived.


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