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How unfortunate. It seems that there will be a blastia accident here too.
~ Garista during the final battle.

Garista Luodur is the main antagonist from the anime film Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike. He is a strategist of the Niren Corps who often showcases his wisdom in military affairs and excels in those of others.


Garista first appears having a discussion with Niren Fedrok about strange Aer activities suspected to be coming from the ruins of an old fortress in the center of a lake, and Niren decides to visit Rita Mordio alongside Chastel Aiheap, sending Flynn Scifo to attend the formal gathering at Zaphias in his place. Later, he tries to dissuade Niren from going to the ruins, first directly, then appealing to Flynn's dedication to following the rules and orders of the knights, but to no avail. Garista later watches as Niren and the knights leave for the ruins to stop the strange Aer at the source in the ruins.

Garista later attends Niren's funeral after the mission is successful at the cost of Niren's life. Flynn suddenly realizes that the core that produced the strange Aer was exactly the same as the core Garista used, and he and Yuri Lowell decide to confront Garista about it. They meet him in the library with this information, and Garista reveals that he wants to create a new kind of blastia that will give humans total control over the Aer. When they decide to arrest him, he implies that the higher-ups of the knights already knew of their research and allowed it. Garista mentioned that years ago, a similar experiment took place with some "casualties"; it included Flynn's father. Enraged, both Yuri and Flynn attack Garista. At first, he overpowers the two with his own blastia, as shown when he shields himself with blastia barriers and psychically hurls books within the library at them hard enough to slam them against the nearby walls, but in the end, Yuri uses Niren's blastia to catch Garista off guard and destroy his barriers, and with that, he uses this chance to stab him through his chest, killing him.

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