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You may not go any farther! Prepare to Die!
~ Garland

Garland is the secondary antagonist of Ys III: Wanders of Ys as one of Galbalan's cronies. Unlike his canon counterpart, there is no indication that he had such severe agency issues.


In the 16-bit versions, Garland is depicted with black hair (brown in the PC-Engine version).

In the PS2 version of the game, Garland's human form is depicted as a man with red hair and a beard.

Powers and Abilities

Garland is capable of summoning lighting and crescent moon-like projectiles.


He first appears when Elena and Adol hear him talking with Chester about a noise the Elena and Adol made prior to them escaping detection, Garland also has Pierre locked up in the dungeon of Castle Valestine to keep him quiet about his plan and for interrogation on the location for one of the statues used to seal Galbalan. When another man reports the death of Giland the Fire Dragon, Garland tells the underling that he will head there while he orders Chester to find Adol. Later on, it was revealed he was behind King McGuire's actions such as the the ransacking of Grady's home, the massacre of Chester's former hometown, and the attempted mass murder of the Redmond population when one of the statues weren't surrendered. After Adol kills the flame beast, Adol enters a church-like room where he encounters Garland who pushes aside Elena who was trying to warn the former about the latter planning to attack him. Garland also reveals he has no more use for the king and opens up a passage in the room where Adol pursues him but not without considering the possibility of a trap. In the middle of the pursuit, Adol manages to free some of the villagers and procures a bracelet needed for the actual confrontation with Garland. Adol manages to best Garland in a fight and seemingly kills him. Later, on the way to Galbalan, Adol is confronted one last time by Garland where they fight one last battle where Garland dies for good.


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