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Garm was the leader of the Blood Pack forces on Omega in Mass Effect, and begrudgingly allied with Jaroth of the Eclipse and Tarak of the Blue Suns against a common enemy: A turian vigilante named Archangel, AKA Garrus Vakarian.


Garm had been attacked by Archangel once before, and though it was a long-drawn out battle, Archangel came close to killing Garm, before the arrival of Garm's men forced Archangel to retreat. Afterwards, Garm reluctantly joined forces with the Eclipse and Blue Suns mercenary groups in an attempt to at last rid themselves of Archangel, who had been going out of his way to make life miserable for the three merc groups. Garm clearly detested working with the other mercenaries, and was even more contemptuous of the freelancers that were brought in to act as cannon fodder. When Commander Shepard disguised as one such freelancer talks to Garm he is rude and insulting, but also completely stoic.

After the Eclipse mercenary group was annihilated trying to kill Archangel, Shepard, and company, Garm led his Blood Pack forces in next. In the end though, they did no better and Garm and all of his men were killed in battle.


  • As a stoic Krogan mercenary in red armor, Garm could be seen as a more villainous version of Urdnot Wrex.
  • If Grunt is in Shepard's party when the commander speaks to Garm, he will ask Grunt why he is following Shepard, to which Grunt replies that Shepard is the best fighter present and as such is the most worthy person to follow. Garm is unconvinced.


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