Garokk, also known as the Petrified Manl is the self proclaimed Sun God of the Savage Land. He regarded himself the guardian of the land, although his insanity and offensive capability makes him a thoroughly unpredictable menace.


Garokk was originally a British sailor in the 1400s whose ship the Drake was shipwrecked off the Atlantic coast and was carried by a current into the Savage Land. There he found an idol of Garokk the Sun God and drank a strange potion from its altar. Returning to England, he found that the elixir had made him immortal at the price of slowly transforming his body into the living image of the idol. He wandered the world for centuries and his skin turned grey and rock-like and became known as the Petrified Man.

In recent years, he returned to the Savage Land, where he was worshiped by the Sun People as the incarnation of their god Garokk and gained superhuman powers. Reverting to human form, he died of extreme old age but then Zaladane, high priestess of Garokk, sorcery resurrected him transforming a captive's body, Kirk Marston, into that of the Petrified Man on Earth. She supported him as his second in command and together the two attempted to enslave the peoples of the Savage Land. When Ka-Zar and the X-Men tried to stop Garokk and Zaladane, the Petrified Man fought an eye-blast duel with Cyclops and thwarted the pair. Years later, after a disaster turned the Savage Land into an Antarctic wasteland, Garokk sacrificed his life by using his powers to restore it to its tropical state.

Television History

X-Men: The Animated Series

Garokk XMAS

Garokk appeared in the two-part episodes Savage Land & Savage Heart. He was once a threat to the Savage Land until he was defeated by the High Evolutionary and imprisoned in the Earth. He worked with Zaladane, whom used Sauron to remove Storm's self control in order to feed on her elemental energies in order to be free. Garokk then absorbed volcanic energy turning him into an unstoppable force. However Sauron tried to absorb Garokk's energy causing an explosion that transformed Sauron back into Karl Lykos and put Garokk back into his stone prison once more.

Powers and Abilities

Garokk has the power to shoot beams of light, waves of heat, and a concussive force from his eyes.

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