Garon is an antagonist from Romancing SaGa 2.


Garon was a member of the Armed Merchants, an antagonistic group of pirates who operated on the North Longit Sea. After making a deal with Subier of the Seven Heroes, Garon starts an anti-imperialist movement within the Armed Merchants, who at the time were allied with the Avalon Empire, staging a coup and taking over the group's main base in the town of Nuono, forcing the members loyal to the Empire to flee.

When the current Empereor learns that the Armed Merchants broke their alliance he goes to the town of Mobelm to investigate. There, he is invited by the still loyal merchants into their meeting place, where they inform him about Garon's coup, with the Emperor proposing to attack Nuono. At this point the player can choose a frontal attack through the Waterway Maze, which Garon would most certainly be expecting, or to take a land route through Cape Chalier which is infested by monsters but would allow him to take Garon by surprise.

Regardless of the player's choice, the Emperor confronts Garon, who then retreats to the main building in Nuono and pits his minions after the Emperor while he escapes through a secret passage. While the Emperor follows him, he is unable to catch up with Garon, who manages to escape while promising revenge.

Despite managing to flee from Nunon, Garon's ship ends attacked by the Narwhal, a sea creature who was fighting Subier, causing it to sink on the South Longit Sea and Garon to die as a result. A century later his ghost, still haunting the ship's wreckage, creates a huge storm on the South longit Sea, preventing all ships from navigating, so the current Emperor mans one of the Merchants ships, reaching the center of the storm where he uses a Mermaid Potion to dive underwather. Upon exploring the sunken ship, he comes across Garon's ghost, who wants revenge for his death, but the Emperor easily defeats him, banishing his soul to the afterlife.


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