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Garou (in Japanese: ガロウ, Garō) is a minor anime-exclusive villain in Fist of the North Star. He is Ryuga's lieutenant skilled in Taizan-ryū Zanjin Battō Jutsu.

He was voiced by Masato Hirano.


Garou is first seen in Episode 73 alongside his boss at Raoh's castle, ready to attack the Hokuto Shinken conqueror with his sword, but Ryuga stands him down.

In Episode 74, Gaoru asks if Ryuga will be able to take over all of the world and overthrow Ken-Oh, but is ignored. Later, Garou warns Ken-Oh's forces that Ryuga will be taking over as his boss arranged it. After Garou asks if his master will go against fighting Kenshiro, Ryuga decides to go ahead with taking action against him. They also watch Kenshiro protect a family from two hostile bikers trying to ram him with a pillar.

In Episode 75, Garou and Ryuga observe Kenshiro berating a gang of boys who are stealing food for Sabato. After the village under Sabato's reign is freed, Garou watches his master have a brief fight with Kenshiro.

In Episode 76, after Ryuga takes over a village in the name of Ken-Oh, Garou watches the villagers to make sure they don't escape. When Kenshiro arrives in the village, Garou tells him he will point out where Ryuga is heading if he beats him. The two then start their duel with Garou using his Taizan-ryū Zanjin Battō Jutsu.

Garou shows some attacks, first by cutting a henchman in two, and cutting a wall two times missing Kenshiro on each swing. The Man with Seven Scars destroys the lieutenant's helmet in the combat. Garou then tries one last stance, setting his sword behind him and trying to run it through his rival.

However, Kenshiro cripples the swordsman's hand and gives him a couple of punches breaking through his arm. Defeated, the lieutenant warns Kenshiro that Ryuga is heading for Toki's village. He was told about how the world needed a "great tree" and Garou warns that Ryuga's real target is Kenshiro himself before his body explodes, killing him.

Powers and Abilities

Using Taizan-ryū Zanjin Battō Jutsu, Garou can take different sword stances to confuse his opponents.


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