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When my freeway is complete, it will be a gateway to the fiery center of the earth, and then my dad, along with everyone else you've ever destroyed, will come back from beyond the grave to destroy everything you hold dear. (laughs) And now that I have a captive audience, I present Exit 9B!
~ Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr.

Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. is one of the main antagonists of the Regular Show special "Exit 9B". He is the son of ex-video game champion Garrett Bobby Ferguson.

He was voiced by Roger Craig Smith.


Garrett Jr. first took the form of a full-grown man with full facial hair and sunglasses, later revealing his true form to be a floating, regular-sized head. After his father appeared, they both sprouted arms and legs, but no torso. While he was using a body, he wore a white suit and a red tie.


In the episode, he forcefully takes the park from the staff and erases all their memories, except Mordecai and Rigby, who escaped in a time machine. After the two return the memories of the park staff, he has Benson and his men capture them and bury them neck-down in cement in front of the end of the highway. Mordecai asked if it's about beating his father's record, but G.B.F. Jr. said it was about blowing him up. Near the episode's climax, he reveals that he wanted to build the highway as a portal to the underworld so he can free all of the park staff's enemies, including his father, to get revenge.

At the end of the episode, Benson finally regains his memories and signs the document and the gang think they have won. However, G.B.F. Jr. points out that there is one missing employee - Thomas, who started work the day he took over. G.B.F. Jr. threatens to shoot Thomas unless Mordecai hands over the document - Mordecai gives G.B.F. a folder, and Thomas is kicked over the edge of the freeway ramp. However, Benson is able to swoop down and save Thomas, while Mordecai and Rigby reveal that they'd make a last-minute switch to the document folder, meaning that Thomas is able to sign the document and save the park at the last minute. This causes the portal to suck all the villains back in.

G.B.F. Jr., having originally made his father proud, now hears how disappointed G.B.F. is in him. G.B.F explodes, and a distraught G.B.F. Jr. follows soon after.

List of Villains Brought Back to Life



  • Although he is the son of Garrett Bobby Ferguson Sr., his father stated in his appearance prior to his son's debut that he never had a wife, meaning that his father either had him through a non-marital relationship, reproduced asexually, or was simply lying about never having a wife.
  • It's unexplained how Garret Bobby Ferguson Jr. was able to claim ownership of the park if Mr. Maellard is the owner. That said, Mr. Maellard is never seen in the episode, but it's possible that he was brainwashed as well to sell the park to Ferguson and his memories were restored after Ferguson's defeat.
  • Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. was sometime inspired by Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man from DC Comics.
  • Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. is featured by Mordecai in "Can You Ear Me Now?" are the ones mentioned.


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