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Hello, Hot Wheels City! I'm Good Guy Garry, and I've got something to fix your traffic problems forever!
~ Garry

Garry is the main antagonist of the 2015 full-length animated film, Team Hot Wheels: Skills to Thrill. He is an evil car engineer who intends to overthrow the world with his DORC vehicles.

He is voiced by Bill Lader.


He first appeared before the citizens of Hot Wheels city on a balloon-like parachute device after hearing them having a traffic problem, caused by Team Hot Wheels, offering them something to help them out. He then began to sing a song, introducing a device called the Drive Onboard Remote Control (DORC) that transforms cars into grey autonomous minivans. The people became pleased by it, making them offer their money to Garry.

As Team Hot Wheels rode around the DORCs with their parents, their parents were relaxed by it. Team Hot Wheels, however, preferred driving and found the DORCs suspicious. Just then, Larry summons them to his garage. Once Team Hot Wheels came, Larry wanted to introduce them to his brother, Garry, who he somehow calls his twin. Garry offered Team Hot Wheels a chance to turn their vehicles into DORCs, but Team Hot Wheels declined as they preferred driving. Garry seemingly respects that as he say it's a free country before laughing sinisterly while leaving on an elevator.

Later that night, Garry framed Team Hot Wheels by using his vehicles to leave tire tracks all over the city. Team Hot Wheels were then chased by several police DORC vehicles, all over town. As they managed to evade them, they headed over to Garry's DORC store. There, they find out that Carry is planning to spread his DORCs over the world. Just then, Carry came in with Larry after coming back from fishing, making Team Hot Wheels hide. Larry asked Garry what game he wanted to play next. Garry answered by playing a game called booby trap as he strapped Larry to a table and magnetized Jerry to a giant magnet.

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