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Ser Garse Goodbrook is married to Kyra Frey, the daughter of Ser Jared Frey, fourth son of Walder Frey, and his cousin Alys Frey. Garse by Kyra has a son, Walder Goodbrook, and daughter, Jeyne Goodbrook.

At the Red Wedding, where Robb Stark, his mother Catelyn, and most of their forces are killed by the Freys and Boltons, led by Roose Bolton, Garse Goodbrook takes part in the massacre in the camps. However he is killed, possibly by Sandor Clegane. His wife's brother, Tytos Frey, is also killed by Sandor. Garse' good-father Jared later lies in the Merman's Court, claiming Robb Stark turned into a wolf and killed Garse and Tytos.