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Garth and Wormwood are the supporting antagonists in the 2014 direct-to-video animated Barbie film, Barbie: The Pearl Princess. They are the minions of Caligo.

Garth was voiced by Patrick Gilmore and Wormwood was voiced by Louis Chirillo, who also voiced Myron from Barbie: Thumbelina.


Under Caligo's commands, Grath and Wormwood followed Murray to arriving in Scylla's home in finding Princess Lumina. Although Murray keep searching and reading Lumina's letter, they are knocked by falling the bottles of potions, in which laughed with each other's little pains. No more time to slowly funny it upon Caligo eventually joined the ball to found his niece and danced with her before their protested.

After the party, Caligo lured Lumina and trapped her into a sack with the help of Murray. Garth and Wormwood later appeared to hold the poke managing to captured Kuda, a seahorse who tried to saving her friend, Lumina, and against Caligo for what he done to her. When the commander failing to seizing Kuda, Murray helps him to kicks her into a sack. With know that, Caligo is very dishonorable to kidnap Lumina.

Even was gets away upon this, the villains taking them into the dungeon. The eels help Murray to guard Lumina and Kuda, which don't letting them to escaped. After learning Caligo attempting to poisoning Lumina's father, King Nereus, they shares up to playing cards while guarding. However, upon Lumina and Kuda flees, Grath, Murray, and Wormwood are tried to stop them which end up being defeated.


  • They are quite similar to Nick and Nack from Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper.


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