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Whatchu talkin' 'bout, asshole?
~ Gary Coleman's catchphrase

Gary Coleman is an antagonist in the Postal video game series. He is based on the late real-life actor, comedian and writer of the same name.

He was voiced by his real-life counterpart.


In Postal 2, Gary can be found on Tuesday at Paradise Mall, where he gives his autobiograph autographed, and on Friday, you can see him locked in a cell at the Police Station in the company of Krotchy. However, in Apocalypse Weekend, you can find him at the hospital on Saturday. In turn, in Paradise Lost, Gary appears for the first time on Thursday as the leader of the Dwarves.


Gary, like in the real world, is a low Afro-American, in Postal 2 he wears a white suit, trousers and a tie, and a blue shirt. However, in Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend is heavily battered, wrapped up in bandages in many places, with a black eye and a patch on his head.


In Postal 2, Gary is presented unpleasantly, uses vulgar words, and is annoyed by the continued sale of his signed books on Ebay, going as far as to use verbal threats to prevent such. He is also shown to be disrespectful towards his own fans and police officers to the point that he engaged in a shootout with the police when they came to arrest him at Paradise Mall. Additionally, according to Mike J's conversation with him, he is a womanizer who tried to hit on women taller than he is while at a Western-themed bar at located outside of Paradise, Arizona. However, if asked nicely, Gary will automatically warm up to the player and sign the petition happily after receiving help in defeating the police officers gatecrashing his autobiography session. Furthermore, by the time Paradise Lost DLC takes place, he has become noticeably friendlier and very nice towards Postal Dude until the latter shrinks his Big McWillis mount and sends him falling into a really, really deep chasm in the mine.


  • Coleman did not appear in the Postal film, with Verne Troyer (who portrayed Mini-Me in Austin Powers films) appearing instead. Vince Desi, the founder of Running With Scissors, stated in an interview with at Game On Expo in 2016 that this is because while most of the filming for the film featuring him were almost complete, Coleman suffered an epidual hematoma and died days later.
  • In Paradise Lost, Gary Coleman himself speaks with recycled voice clips, with his "Big McWillis" body speaking new plot-related dialogue. This is because the real-life Coleman died in 2010, five years before Paradise Lost was released.


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