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Gary López is the main antagonist of the Brazilian TV series Juacas and a major antagonist of the Disney Channel Latin-American TV series Soy Luna. He is the overarching antagonist of the second season, one of the two main antagonists (alongside Sharon Benson) of the first part of the third season and a minor antagonist of the second part.

He is portrayed by Joaquín Berthold, who also played Matias LaFontaine in the Latin-American TV series Violetta.


Before Soy Luna

Gary lived in a coastal Brazilian town with his son Sebastián. He owned the Red Sharks surfing team that his son surfs on.

Season 3

Part 1

Gary renames the restaurant and team from Jam & Roller to "Red Sharks", as a result of their loss at RodaFest. The team consisted of Ámbar Smith, Emilia (Los Sliders), Benicio and Ramiro Ponce, who had betrayed his team for the rival one. Although recognizing that they are very excellent skaters, Gary often pushes them to train hardly at the sport, having sensed their overconfidence in rehearsing without a trainer. Despite this, Gary remains firm in his position of forbidding Jam & Roller from using the rink and preventing them from returning to their former popularity. In addition, he tends to bully Eric, the new rink assistant who is a gifted yet shy singer.

Meanwhile, Nina's mom and a lawyer, Ana, works to expose him for the fraud he is, but this appears to be more difficult than expected since she starts dating him and remaining unaware of his true identity. During the Red Shark Festival, all the guests abandon the Red Sharks' performance to witness that of the Jam & Roller team, which proves to be successful as it is being recorded and going viral. The furious Gary coldly scolds the team, accusing them of being unprofessional and only thinking about themselves.

While Jam & Roller was active in posting skating promotion, the Red Sharks did nothing that could even boost their stardom. Despite their refusal to accept responsibility, Gary thought he could trust them, but they had proved him wrong. Ana later figures out Gary's deception after overhearing him argue with Eric and Ada.

Part 2

Gary plays a smaller role in this part than he did in the previous one. When the Red Sharks want to go skate on the rink, Gary stops them from doing so. He announces that all training have been suspended until further notice, much to their shock. Gary had warned them that there would be consequences if they didn't do as he said. He doesn't know what will become of the Red Sharks and says that no one will set foot on the rink until a decision has been made. Having discovered his identity, Ana confronts Gary and tells him she knows everything. Gary tries to explain what happened, but she refuses to hear him out and storms off. Even when Juliana had nothing to do with the festival's incident, Gary fires her and she is glad that she won't have to stick to this leadership anymore.

Despite assuring that they are willing to become great skaters, Gary dismisses their claims as excuses, arguing that he made this team from scratch to make it a team for winners, but their recent actions only proved that they are nothing more than losers: The Red Sharks are of no more use to Gary, open doors to opportunities are now closed and it's all because the Red Sharks are over. In effect of that, Gary permanently disbands the Red Sharks. They refuse to accept his, but Gary reiterates that they are only good in giving excuses.

He is sick of it and that is the final call. Emilia and Ramiro are the most affected by the news. Gary then proposes that the Roller team be the new Red Sharks; they refuse (due to Gary's unfair treatment). As revenge, Simon, Nico, Pedro and Matteo are thrown out of Gary's loft. Gary leaves Jam & Roller for good and is replaced by Ámbar as the general manager.


Gary is an influential businessman who will do anything to get what he wants. When it comes to money and businesses Gary is unscrupulous. While being mean and arrogant to most of the main characters, including Eric Andrade, whom he bullies the most, Gary sometimes shows a soft side whenever he is around Ana, his crush.

Gary was also nice to Nina only because he thought that she and Nico were dating while most of the time he did not like it when she was writing negative things about the Red Sharks. At one point, when Gary wanted to punish Jam & Roller for using the rink behind his back, Nina stood up for her friends in a very intelligent way that left Gary stunned and he, because of the supposed romance with his nephew, decided to relent. When Ana discovered his true identity, Gary seemed to be genuinely repented for deceiving her and tried to make things right with her, even to the point of bringing her flowers. However, Gary still resented the Roller team and felt no remorse for his unfair treatment or actions against them.

Gary also had a vengeful side whenever he was "betrayed" or things didn't go his way with very drastic measures. As punishment for allowing the Roller team inside the rink, Gary had forced Nico, Pedro and Simón into paying his loft's rent once a month, something that was very unfair since they didn't have enough money to afford it, though at the last minute Matteo offered to assist them and fired Juliana for her involvement while initially considering to have her training license suspended. He briefly rehires Juliana before firing her again, concluding that she is to blame for the ruining of the Red Shark Festival. Later on, after Red Sharks are disbanded due to the abrupt cancellation of their event, Gary proposed to the Roller team that they be the new Red Sharks and replace their mean-spirited rivals. As they all refused to accept, Gary, in response to the rejection, ended up kicking Nico, Pedro, Simón and Matteo from his loft.



  • Sebastián López - Son
  • Nico Navarro - Nephew
  • Unnamed cousin



  • Emilia
  • Benicio
  • Ramiro Ponce
  • Luna Valente
  • Matteo Balsano
  • Simón Álvarez
  • Gastón Perida
  • Delfi Alzamendi
  • Jazmín Carbajal
  • Jim Medina
  • Yam Sánchez
  • Pedro Arias (former employee)
  • Nina Simonetti
  • Eric Andrade (former employee; bullied)
  • Ada (former employee)
  • Juliana (former employee)
  • Rafa Smor
  • Billy Souza
  • Jojó Mineiro
  • Professor Juaca
  • Marcelo Mahla
  • Minhoca de Lima
  • Leilane Villanova
  • Viví Leme
  • Brida
  • Nanda
  • Mel


  • Given his arrogant and selfish personality towards everyone, Gary is the only main character in the series who isn't able to change with little to no redeemable traits, having only reformed for the way he deceived Ana while refusing to acknowledge how harsh he was to both the Roller and Red Sharks team.