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~ Gary Schaffer learning he won't be paid if he isn't able to capture James Earl Cash.

Gary Schaffer is an unseen minor antagonist in the controversial horror/stealth video game Manhunt.



Gary Schaffer became chief of the Carcer City Police Department at an unknown time prior to the events of Manhunt. While in that position, he started to take bribes from Lionel Starkweather and in return gave him unlimited access to large sections of Carcer City for his snuff projects.

Two years prior to the events of Manhunt, he was put on trial for corruption charges but was found not guilty due to all the witnesses disappearing from the case. It is likely that he had them killed.


After James Earl Cash escapes from Starkweather's trap in the Darkwoods Penitentiary and kills Ramirez and his hit squad of Wardogs, Schaffer is contacted by Starkweather as a last resort and is ordered by him to capture Cash and a Journalist who had recently been investigating the Director's activities.

Schaffer dispatches multiple officers and SWAT teams to Central Carcer to apprehend Cash and has the Journalist's apartment raided in an attempt to seize evidence of Starkweather's crimes. Cash escorts the Journalist to her apartment, killing many officers along the way. After securing the evidence, he sends her off and fights his way through the SWAT-infested Carcer City Subway and finally shakes the police off at a rail yard.

After Starkweather is killed by Cash, the journalist mentions in her report that Schaffer's involvement with Starkweather's snuff film ring had been found out and he was arrested and his lawyer stated that he intended to plead not guilty, though it's highly likely he was sent to prison for his murders and corruption.


  • His surname suggests that he is of German origin.
  • Schaffer's character might have been inspired by Milton Milan, a former mayor of Camden, New Jersey (one of Carcer City's influences) who was convicted with 14 counts of corruption and jailed in 2000.
  • He was mentioned on the radio in GTA 3, confirming he did kill several "missing witnesses" to his corruption.

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