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Gary Watts was a sheriff's deputy from the first season of Smallville, appearing as the main antagonist of the episode "Obscura".

He was portrayed by Darrin Klimek.

Season One

Gary Watts was a struggling Smallville cop who attempted to make a reputation for himself by "solving" crimes that he had staged himself as he longed for a better life.

He also worked part-time as a security guard at a local amusement park.

One day, Watts and his partner Michael Birdego were tending to a gas leak in a field when it exploded. Whitney Fordman and his girlfriend had arrived on the scene on their horses. In the resulting explosion, Lana Lang was knocked off her feet and sprinkled with small bright green meteor stones while suffering a concussion and spent the night in hospital.

Due to the presence of Kryptonite fragments all over the field, Lana developed some form of psychic link with an unknown individual which would later be revealed as Deputy Watts.

When Lana first woke up in hospital, she experienced a vision of Chloe Sullivan being kidnapped through the eyes of the assailant in the parking lot of the hospital.

Lana experienced another vision of the captive Chloe; she was blindfolded with her hands tied behind her back in a room full of teddy bears hanging from the ceiling in plastic bags. She also sees an image of a masked face in a mirror.

At the amusement park, Watts was welding something when Chloe got free of her bindings and made a run for the door, but the kidnapper grabs her and injects her with something that makes her pass out. Gabe Sullivan arrives at the Talon with Deputies Watts and Birdego.

Lana tries to tell them what she saw. Deputy Watts seems to take her seriously while Deputy Birdego makes rude remarks suggesting a psychiatrist for her. Later Watts buried Chloe alive in a coffin in Chandler's Field, intending to later rescue her and claim credit for solving her "disappearance" but was rescued by Clark.

His plans in ruin, Deputy Watts sought vengeance against Lana for her meddling. Watts soon came to be aware that Lana was somehow able to see through his eyes as he learned that he could see through hers.

He decided to silence Lana and then "solve" her murder. Watts kidnapped Lana from the Talon after knocking out his partner Deputy Birdego.

When Clark, Chloe and Whitney arrive they find Deputy Birdego, but Lana is gone. The deputy tells Clark that his partner works as a security guard at the carnival grounds.

At the carnival, Lana wakes up in the same room where Chloe was held, bound but not blindfolded. She shouts out for help. Deputy Watts walks in and explains that he kidnapped Chloe in order to take credit for finding her and now his plan is to solve Lana's murder.

Clark arrives just in time to deflect the bullet with his hand. Watts flees with Clark in pursuit. Watts fires several bullets at Clark with no effect and Clark throws Watts into a ticket booth.

While attempting to escape after a brief confrontation with Clark, Watts was cornered by the police, Lana's last vision was of him being shot down by his fellow deputies after refusing to surrender.


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