You're either a one or a zero. Alive or dead.
~ Gary Winston

Gary Winston is the main antagonist of the 2001 film Antitrust. He was portrayed by Tim Robbins.


Gary is the founder of a computer software manufacturing conglomerate known as N.U.R.V., and a software industry magnate. On the surface, he's a man who wishes to make the way humanity communicates with each other and technology in general better as well as a philanthropist.

In reality, however, he's a power hungry and greedy billionaire who wants to monopolize the software industry by any means. Even murder. He used his henchmen to kill computer programers for their products. Their latest, last, and perhaps their greatest product, Synapse, was to revolutionize the way people communicate with one another. Like his other products, he murdered programers for various computer codes so he could put together Synapse. 

He would recruit several programers to work for him, one of them being Milo Hoffman, a young man who reminded Gary of himself. However after a short time working for Gary, Teddy Chin, one of Milo's good friends and former business associate and computer programer, was murdered by order of Mr. Winston so he could steal his code and use it for Synapse. When Milo discovered it came from his best friend, he became rightfully suspicious of his boss. 

However in the end, Gary was defeated by Milo when Milo used Synapse to broadcast the truth to the world so that the media conglomerates that N.U.R.V. had a hand in didn't cover-up the story. Shortly after Gary and his cohorts were arrested. The last that was seen of Gary was him entering a courthouse in handcuffs about to face justice, presumably about to earn his firing from N.U.R.V. and serve a long sentence for murder and infringement.

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