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Gary Granger and Becky Martin Granger are the secondary antagonists in the 1993 film Addams Family Values. They are two lead counselors of Camp Chippewah.

Becky was portrayed by Christine Baranski (who later played the Stepmother), while Gary is portrayed by Peter Macnicol (who later voiced Poindexter).


At first, Gary and Becky come off as friendly but as the summer camp rolls on their true intentions are shown. They manipulate the campers and strip them of all individuality, turning them into mindless followers. Becky is shown to be less antagonistic than Gary, she tries to meet Wednesday and Pugsley half way while Gary is more egotistical and tends to resort to extreme measures, such as locking children in a small house referred to as the Happy Hut. He even forced them to watch various family movies for twenty-four hours to brainwash them.


They run a summer camp primarily for snobbish, white upper-class children and treat them with extreme favoritism while looking down on and excluding ethnic minority kids and social outcasts, like Puglsey, Wednesday and Joel. During a Thanksgiving reenactment play, Wednesday and several of her cohorts burn the set to the ground and roast Gary and Becky on a spit. It's assumed that they died.


  • Gary and Becky are parodied in The Fairly Oddparents, in which two characters named Gary and Betty run a day camp, and are just as cheery and demented as they are.


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