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Gary Sedi and Bird are recurring characters in the Adult Swim animated series Superjail!.

He is voiced by Dana Snyder, who has also voiced Dusty Marlow, Stanley Hopson, and Glenda in Paradise P.D. and Master Shake in Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Gary is a bespectacled man who rarely speaks while Bird is a small canary. While neither has had that much dialogue during the series, it is clear that they run the show in Superjail and have a strong relationship with each other. It is said that Bird might be the reason why Gary is in Superjail in the first place.

In the episode "Uh Oh, It's Magic", Gary's voice is heard for the first time when he uses his ventriloquism skills to put his voice in the Warden's dummy in an attempt to stage a prison break. However, the plan gets botched and his vocal chords are discarded in the end and swallowed by a rat. It is also revealed that he had his tongue removed prior.

Villainous acts

  • Both of them have participated in massacres of their fellow prisoners in Superjail.
  • In one episode, Bird brutally bites off Gary's cellmate Fatty's penis off-screen in response to him saying "Hey Gary! I got a worm for you right here! I'm talking about my penis.".
  • It is possible that Bird was somehow involved in the process where Gary's vocal chords were discarded and swallowed by a rat which later tried to take over Superjail in the episode "Planet Radio".


  • Gary's digital file seen in the episode "Hotchick" gives his surname as Sedi.
  • Gary is based on Robert Franklin Stroud, a real-life inmate also known as the Birdman of Alcatraz.
  • His inmate number is MA59RG0.
  • Bird leads a cult all members of which appear to be rodents, as seen in the episode "Ladies Night". Little is known about what goes on in the organization.
  • In the episode "Superfail", Bird is seen staring at a female bird with an egg on a little computer. In "Time-Police Part 2", Bird is seen giving birth to a bird-human hybrid. In "Ladies Night", Bird is shown to have a female counterpart in "Ultraprison". All of this has caused confusion over Bird's gender.

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