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The Earth belongs to us Yokai. Eradicate the humans! Especially our arch enemies, the Kakurangers!
~ Gashadokuro.
Impossible! I've been defeated?! FATHER!!!
~ Gashadokuro's last words before his death.

Gashadoukuro is the secondary antagonist for the Kakuranger series. He is one of the most powerful Yokai who rallies his kind to wipe out the human race.

He was portrayed by Kenichi Endō who also played Algolian Volka.


In his natural form, Gashadokuro is a walking skeleton wearing an army helmet, half of his body is white while the other half matches his helmet and is camouflage.

In his human form, Junior is a bleached blonde punk rocker in skull-themed leather outfit. However, when pumped up over something or in a fightning mood, Junior reverts to Gashadokuro.


Gashadokuro is the son of Daimaoh, the original leader of the Youkai Army Corps who was sealed away by the holy men that became the Sanshinsho Muteki Shogun, Tsubasamaru, and Kakure Daishogun. Since then, the leaderless Youkai acted on their own whims with only a few becoming groups as they adapt to modern times while posing as humans. In the present, when the Youkai are returning to power, Gashadokuro makes his presence known as being uniting his kind against the Kakurangers. With his true name unknown to them at the time, Junior first made his presence known to the Kakurangers when he sicks the Shuten Douji Brothers and his Flower Kuniochigumi on them. Since then, with help from Dr. Yugami, Junior made the Kakurangers' lives a living hell.

Eventually, once contacted by his father, Gashadokuro has Umibozu capture five children to invoke a ritual to summon Daimaoh into the world that requires the sacrifice of the five children and ten more. After he carries it out, Gshadokuro is infused with Daimaoh's power and defeats the Kakurangers using his power to take the altar he created on a building and the surrounding district into the sky beyond the Kakurangers' reach. From there, he used his music to turn those trapped on it into stone. But learning that the Kakurangers are going after their Shinobi scrolls, Gashadokuro attempts to thwart them by sending the Yokai Ittanmomen and Kasabake after Sasuke and Tsuruhime. While he attempted to go after Saizo and Sekai, Gashadokuro is forced to stand down to have Nue deal with them and Jiraiya. When the Kakurangers obtaining their Chounin Beasts, Gashadokuro finds himself overpowered until he is saved by his father's human tactician Hakamenro. After testing Hakamenro's loyality, Gashadokuro learned of his dealings Sandyuu and kills the retainer before fighting the Kakurangers himself with the equipment Dr. Yugami provides him. In the end, despite his father's freedom, Gashadokuro is destroyed by Super Kakure Daishogun. Though he considered his son a fool, Daimaoh vowed to avenge Gashadokuro's death.


  • Gashadokuro is named after the mythical Gashadokuro of Japanese mythology.
  • Gashadokuro's ideals and reasons could be influenced by Yasunori Kato.


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