Bendy hailed a taxi and exclaimed "Going my way?" But then Bendy stiffed him and didn’t pay. Now Gaskette is chasing and Bendy is screaming just like Fae Wray.
~ Gaskette's bio image

Gaskette is the second boss and one of the four main antagonists in the spinoff game Bendy in Nightmare Run. He is a cartoon taxi created by Joey Drew Studios for their cartoon "Death and Taxis", which features Bendy not paying Gaskette for giving him a ride, which angers Gaskette enough to chase after Bendy and beat him to a pulp for revenge.


Gaskette is a taxi from the 1980's to 90's but grayscale due to being in a cartoon, his headlights act like irises, he has 2 pie cutout eyes, he supports razor sharp teeth in his mouth, checkers on his door and a sign labeled "TAXI" on top of him.


Gaskette is not evil at first, however when Bendy tried to get a free ride without paying Gaskette, that’s when Gaskette snapped, when angered Gaskette will do anything within his power to get revenge on the one who crossed him, innocent creatures trying to help him are also not safe from his wrath, as he will kill Krawls, Stickles and Gwens to achieve his goal even though they are helping him, in Nightmare Mode if Gaskette's health is reduced to 0 than he will revive himself angrier than before.


Bendy in Nightmare Run

Chester is the second boss Bendy must face, as he is unlocked after collecting 5,000 Bacon Soup, Gaskette will fall behind behind Bendy and growl and Bendy, Boris or Alice before backing up, he has some attacks to help him in his quest to get revenge against Bendy.

  • Gaskette spits out his engine
  • Gaskette throws a barrel
  • Gaskette throws a spiked tire
  • Gaskette fires two lasers from his eyes

After his health is reduced, he will jump into the sky and summon a Gwen.

If Bendy, Boris or Alice's health is reduced to 0, then they will trip, Gaskette takes advantage of this and starts beating them into a pulp.

If Gaskette's health is reduced to 0 in Act 1-4, than he will stop, growl menacingly at Bendy, Boris or Alice, he then turns around and drives away.

If Gaskette's health is reduced to 0 in Act 5 and his health is reduced to 0 in his revived state in Nightmare Mode, he will trip, his right headlight breaks off, his right wheel comes off too and his teeth become crooked, his pie cutout eyes are replaced by X's.

If Gaskette's health is reduced to 0 in Nightmare Mode, than he will trip again, however he then starts levitating, his wheel and headlight comes back on then he will revive himself while roaring and then falling back on the floor and begins to chase Bendy, Boris or Alice once more at full health.


  • Gaskette's name is a pun of a gasket.


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