Another carcass to hang!
~ Gaslight Joker after killing an enemy.

Gaslight Joker is an alternate version of the Joker who appears as a playable champion in the MOBA Infinite Crisis. He hails from the "Gaslight" universe, a steampunk-like universe set in the height of the Victorian Era.


Originally an unnamed butcher working in Gotham City, the man who would become the Joker gained the name "the Laughing Butcher" for his habit of luring people into his shop with jokes and a charming smile.

Little did they suspect that he was actually a twisted serial killer, who fed his "customers" to swarms of rats that he kept as pets in his basement.

When this universe's version of Batman came to stop him, the butcher fell into a vat of chemicals which, like his mainstream universe counterpart, bleached his skin white, turned his hair green, and plastered a permanent smile on his face.


Gaslight Joker is more brutish than his more famous counterpart, being taller and more portly. He wears a bloodstained apron and always carries around a meat cleaver (with a pump system attached to ensure it's constantly covered in blood) and a rotten leg of ham. He also has an affinity with rats, who he feeds on human flesh.

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