Bishop Gasparo Reno is a minor villain appearing in the first episode of the second season of the anime Tales of Zestiria: The X. He was also the direct superior of Gouldman.


Corrupted by his growing position of power over the city of Lastonbell, for which the church and state had given him power, Reno's heart fell to the idol of money, and he used his religious influence to amass a large personal fortune, which he kept hidden under the city's cathedral, which he justified to himself as "safekeeping the fortune of the city to which he had charge."

Despite this justification, Reno murdered everyone who learned of this hidden treasure, and threw their bodies into an underground chamber at even deeper below the cathedral. When the assassin organisation The Scattered Bones were alerted to his activities, their leader Rose announced that Bishop Reno would be their next target for assassination.

The group (minus Rose) attacked the cathedral, incapacitated Reno's guards, and confronted him. Whilst Reno tried to justify his actions, Rose swung in through the window, and used her knife to slit his throat from behind, killing him.

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