Gastón Diestro is one of main antagonists of the Mexican telenovela Rebelde.

He was portrayed by Tony Dalton.


He is an emotionless prefect of the Elite High School with at starting of story was in love with Mia Colucci until she turned against him after she discovered Gaston's true persona and he won a bad reputation to the worst enemy from the group of protagonists.

And he had a mysterious secret due to was involved with José Luján Landeros past, because Gaston intimidated her and at the time she started to investigate him revealing that Gaston was Lujan true legal custody man as a last wish who Gaston's father wanted for her making Gaston his emotionless persona and a hateful man.

When he tried to escape from Lujan, Teo and Miguel (Gaston's archinemesis) he striked against a truck killing him days later.

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