Chef Gaston Gourmand, more commonly referred to as Gourmand, is one of the main antagonists (alongside Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata, and Paisley Paver) of Wild Kratts. He is a traveling chef, or he used to be, until he lost his chef's license and got fired from his gourmet cooking job for cooking rare and endangered species. Though he still travels around the world doing so, his restaurant doubles as his truck and sometimes a boat that he typical parks near a source of water. His main weapons are his cooking utensils like his meat cleaver and his Dough Blaster which he uses to trap the Wild Kratts and damage their Create Power Suits, he also claims he never cooks the same dish twice.

He was voiced by Zachary Bennett who also voiced another antagonist from the show, Zach Varmitech.


His first appearance was in "Platypus Cafe", where he overhears Chris and Martin talking about how platapie are the only egg-laying mammals and gets the idea to make a "Platypus Egg Omelet". So he floods the platypus' home which flushes her eggs out and injures her too. He also invites Zach Varmitech and Donita Donata to his restaurant.

In "Honey Seekers", he invites Zach to partake in his latest dish, which involves a honey badger. When he sees the Kratts Brothers have gotten involved he creates a disturbance by destroying a beehive making the bees think they did it. Pretty soon he lets them lead him right to the honey badger, which they don't know

In "The Gecko Effect", Zach calls Donita and Gourmand to rub his phony-surround-Up inventing the Wild Kratts miniaturizer in their faces.

In "Raptor Round Up", Gourmand had captured several species of raptors from all over the world to cook them and make fried raptor wings.

In "Happy Turkey Day", Gourmand is hunting for wild turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner. But when Martin's Creature Power Suit malfunctions and Gourmand thinks he's a giant turkey and tries to hunt him down.

In "To Touch a Hummingbird", Gourmand plans to hunt for a hummingbird's nest and make chocolate covered hummingbird eggs.

In "Rainforest Stew", Gourmand is in the central American rainforest capturing all sorts of rainforest animals to make rainforest stew.

In "Hermit Crab Shell Exchange", Gourmand collects dozens of hermit crabs to make hermit crab shell poppers, until the Kratt Brothers show up and ruin his fun.



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