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Images and videos of the evil '''[[Gaston LeGume]]''' from the ''Beauty and the Beast'' series.
Images and videos of the evil '''[[Gaston LeGume]]''' from the ''Beauty and the Beast'' series.
===1991 film<gallery widths="300" bordercolor="orangered" captiontextcolor="orangered" position="center">
Gaston.JPG|Gaston singing about Belle's beauty.|Gaston telling LeFou his plan to marry Belle during "Belle".
GastonVillain.jpg|Gaston admiring himself through a mirror.
Gaston smile.jpg|Gaston's smile|Gaston hitting LeFou for calling Maurice crazy (in an attempt to impress Belle).|Gaston and LeFou laughing when one of Maurice's inventions backfired.|Gaston and Lefou discussing their plan of surprising Belle.|"I like to thank you all for coming to my wedding. But first I'd better go in there and propose to the girl!" (laughs)
Gastonproposed.jpg|Gaston giving his "proposal" to Belle.|Gaston vainly making sure his teeth are clean.
MarryMeBelle.png|Gaston pinning Belle on her door to get her approval.
IDoNotDeserveYouGaston.png|Gaston attempting to grope an uncomfortable Belle, who rejects his proposal.
MuddyGaston.png|Gaston ending up thrown into a mud pit after Belle throws him out of her house, much to LeFou's amusement.
GastonAngryVow.png|"I'll have Belle for my wife! Make no mistake about THAT!!"|A furious and humiliated Gaston storming off.|LeFou and the Bimbette Girls cheering up Gaston after his failed proposal.
830px-Beauty-disneyscreencaps com-2888.jpg|"As a specimen, yes, I'm intimidating."
BeatingUpHisBuddies.png|Gaston violently wrestling his buddies to overemphasize his strength.|Gaston's hairy chest.
258px-Gaston.png|Gaston's enormous collection of animal antlers.
TavernMeeting.png|Gaston exclaiming to Monsieur D'Arque of his plan to marry Belle.
Batbscreencapgl.jpg|Gaston's [[w:c:evil:evil grin|evil grin]] as he makes a deal with Monsieur D'Arque.|Gaston telling LeFou to remain at Belle's house until she returns with Maurice.|Gaston watching behind the shadows as LeFou explains that Maurice was acting crazy in the tavern.
DArqueLastScene.png|Gaston watching as Belle confronts D'Arque for declaring her father insane.|Gaston offering Belle to have Maurice released in exchange for her hand in marriage, which she refuses.
MauriceWasRightAllAlong.png|Gaston realizing that his plan is foiled after Belle proved Maurice's sanity by revealing the Beast's existence with a magic mirror.
Angry_Gaston.jpg|Gaston being completely jealous after learning that Belle would prefer the Beast over himself.
Gaston_gathering_a_lynch_mob.png|Gaston stealing the magic mirror and manipulating the villagers to help him kill the Beast by playing off their fear of monsters.
The Mob Song.png|"We'll lay siege to the castle and BRING BACK HIS HEAD!!"
4004770-8140251666-18730.jpg|"Take whatever booty you can find! But remember: '''the Beast is MINE'''!"
IMG 0921.PNG|Gaston leading the mob inside the Beast's castle.
2017-11-17 (2).png|Gaston entering the West Wing to confront the Beast.|Gaston with his bow drawn, ready to attack the Beast.
gaston_by_historysmurf-d6sy3u8.gif|"What's the matter, Beast? (laughs) Too kind and gentle to FIGHT BACK?!"
464361_1276312679103_full.jpg|Gaston with his makeshift club, preparing himself to kill the Beast.
Vlcsnap-2010-07-26-17h09m45s232.jpg|Gaston finding himself in the Beast's wrath following Belle's return to the castle.
1136307 1351504081750 full.jpg|Gaston struggling as the Beast viciously fights back.
Gastonbelleismine.png|"It's over, Beast! BELLE IS MINE!"
GastonAtTheMercyOfTheBeast.png|Gaston getting his life at stake as the Beast threatens to drop him into the castle moat.
GastonBeggingForMercy.png|Gaston cowardly begging for mercy.
Gaston grinning evilly.png|Gaston stabbing the Beast out of spite after the latter spared his life.
719672_1305612216191_full.jpg|Gaston screaming as he falls to his death in the castle moat after losing his balance on the balcony.
Gaston's death.gif|Gaston's demise.
===Live Action===
Ouat-sir-gaston-570x321.jpg|Gaston in Once Upon a Time
Donnygastonbeautyandthebeast.jpg|Gaston on Beauty and the Beast Musical

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Images and videos of the evil Gaston LeGume from the Beauty and the Beast series.

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