Gaston is the main villain in the 1991 Disney film "Beauty and the Beast." He was voiced by Richard White. He is depicted as narcissistic, egomaniacal, and rude, and is willing to go any length to get what he wants.

In the Story

At the beginning of the story, he is known to be as a village's town hero and is well-respected by much of the villagers. He tries to propose marriage to Belle, who respectfully refuses. Depressed and upset, we find him later at a bar, where the song Gaston is sung in an attempt by Lefou to cheer him up. It works, and Gaston begins to plot with Lefou on how to get Belle to marry him. Knowing that Belle cared deeply for her father Maurice, he planned to bribe Monsieur D'Arque into locking him up in the local asylum until Belle agreed to marry him. Gaston knows that this act will rouse little suspicion because Maurice already seemed to be insane to the rest of the town, raving about a monstrous Beast holding Belle as his prisoner (thanks to a deal she made with the Beast). Even when D'Arque comes to take her father, Belle still to marry Gaston, and proves that the Beast indeed does exist by causing him to appear on the magic mirror that the Beast gives her. It was then the whole town realized that Maurice was right about his claims of the Beast's existence. Upon seeing this, Gaston suspects that Belle has feelings for the Beast (since he had let her go to help her father). Out of jealousy, Gaston plays off the villagers' fear to incite them to form a mob to lay siege to the Beast's castle. Though the mob end up being warded off by the castle's enchanted servants for good, Gaston himself finds the Beast in the West Wing, and beats him down, taunting him, while the Beast refuses to fight back, feeling disheartened that Belle won't return for him. Eveuntally, Belle does return, however, and upon witnessing her return, the Beast regains his will to fight, and is about to kill Gaston, but doesn't, because he had become more human through his love for Belle. He throws Gaston aside, telling him to leave the castle and never return. Just before the Beast can comfort Belle, Gaston jumps onto the Beast and stabs him with a dagger, but loses his footing and falls off the castle to his death.


As stated earlier, Gaston is a rude, egomaniacal narcissist who will go any length to get what he wants, even if it involves bribes or blackmail. He is also well respected in the village- he is able to rouse a mob whose intent is to kill the Beast. This goes to show that he is also very vengeful, since he suspected that Belle, whom he wanted to marry, had feelings for the Beast.


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