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Gatagog Uvenk

Gatatog Uvenk is a minor Krogan villain from Mass Effect 2. He is voiced by Michael Dorn. 


Gatatog Uvenk first appears as the leader of Clan Gatatog, which have reluctantly thrown their lot in with Clan Urdnot (led by either Urdnot Wrex or Urdnot Wreav depending on Shepard's actions in the first game). Uvenk is shown to be contemptuous of humans and is in fact something of a Krogan supremacist. A staunch conservative who adheres to tradition, he disagrees with Wrex's way of doing things if Wrex is in charge, which prompts Wrex to remind him of his place via a headbutt. He will be more approving if Wreav is Clan Leader, but even Wreav will not like Uvenk speaking for him.

When Grunt shows up and is given permission to undergo a Rite of Passage, Uvenk is outraged, viewing Grunt, a tank-bred krogan, as a perversion of science and Krogan biology that has no business partaking in Krogan traditions. However, Uvenk's protests fall on deaf ears, and Shepard can also choose to shut Uvenk up (which causes the watching Krogan Shaman to take an immediate liking to Shepard) and storms off. Though forbidden to interfere in the Rite of Passage, Uvenk shows up after Grunt has successfully completed it. Uvenk is impressed with Grunt and now sees that he is potentially valuable to him. Uvenk attempts to convince Grunt to join his clan instead of Clan Urdnot. But even so, he is still bigoted towards Grunt, and would impose restrictions: He would not be allowed to have children or serve on an alien ship. In other words, Grunt would be a weapon instead of a member. Grunt rightly recognizes him as nothing more than a power-hungry pretender. Uvenk and his accompanying men are killed in the ensuing firefight. 


  • Uvenk wears armor made by a Geth manufacturer.
  • He will not charge Shepard in a fight like most other Krogan do.


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