Morgan "Gator" Bodine is the main antagonist in the film, Homefront. He is a meth kingpin who leads a band of drug traffickers. Everything was going smoothly until a retired DEA agent Phil Broker moved into his town.

He was portrayed by James Franco who also played New Goblin.


Bodine is cruel,  and very ruthless in effort to ensure his drug operation is successful. Whilst showing loyalty to his sister,  Cassie Bodine, and brother-in-law Jimmy, he has little patience for Cassie and her constant arguing with him, and Bodine has little qualms for child murder.  A redeemable trait however, is that he spares the life of Broker and Maddie's cat,  Luther, instead stealing the cat and taking it in as his own rather than outright killing it. 


Morgan "Gator" Bodine is a meth leader who leads a band of drug traffickers. Everything is going really good until Phil Broker's daughter beats up his autistic nephew Teddy. He then later finds out Phil Broker is a D.E.A. Agent and sends a criminal by the name of Lewis to make Broker's life a living hell.

After sending Lewis there, Broker beats up Lewis and then confronts Gator Bodine about breaking in his house. Gator tells Broker that Broker is being a tough daddy with his daughter around; outraged, Broker leaves.

Later on in the film, Broker breaks into Gator's boathouse in which Lewis (Gator's right hand man) knocks Broker out cold. Broker beats up and kills Gator's thugs, he then kicks Lewis back in to the pool, killing him.

At the end of the film, a gang of thugs led by Cyrus are sent by Danny T Turrie, Broker ends up killing several of them including Cyrus. Gator then kidnaps Broker's daughter and makes Broker crash in the street. Gator has his gun pointed to Maddy's head, telling Maddy if she didn't get back in the fucking car, he'll blow her brains out. Broker is able to get out of the wrecked car, and disarm Gator, beating him senseless. Just as Broker is about to kill Gator, he sees his daughter tearing up mouthing no. Broker tells Gator that Maddy has just saved his life. Gator & his girlfriend, Sheryl are then arrested for the kidnapping of Maddy Broker. 


  • Following production Franco adopted both cats that portrayed the Broker's cat Luther.
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