The Gator People are the second villains in Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated.

The green gator person is voiced by John Dimmigo. The blue gator person is voiced by Grey DisLse. The brown gator person is voiced by Billy West.


In the dead of night, a man, his wife, their daughter, and their dog drive into Gatorsburg, an abandoned town. The man is convinced that they are in New York, but the woman and the girl use street names and a map to determine that they are several hundred miles away from New York. The father pulls into an abandoned gas station, and tries to work the old-fashioned pump. The little dog escapes the car and runs off to some bushes. The girl follows him, and a Gator Man leaps out at her. She screams and runs back to the car. The man and the dog jump in shortly after, and the family speeds out of town as the Gator People watch.

Later, Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby drive into Gatorsburg, having received a new alligator skin purse from Mr. E, and came because they know that the town hasn't produced alligator products in a long time. While they investigate, Mr. E arranges for the Mystery Machine's engine to be removed, forcing the gang to stay at the town's hotel. However, the Gator People attack them, driving them over the town's border. Realizing that the Gator People don't want to hurt them, but just want them to not investigate, they see the Gator People preparing to ship more goods. They discover that none of the alligator products are real, and set up a trap. Shaggy antagonizes the Gator People by calling them crocodiles, and they chase him, and fall into Fred's trap. The gang unmasks them, revealing them to be Grady, Greta, and Gunther Gator, the 3 people who still live in town. They reveal their motive was to run a black market of alligator products, creating fake alligator skin out of rubber and passing them off as real. Using the costumes, they could ward off investigators and protect their identities from their clients. Gator Family was arrested by Sheriff Bronson Stone and his men belonging to Crystal Cove's police force.

They would have gotten away with it too, if not for those meddling adolescents.


  • In reality, Crystal Cove is in different county, meaning that Bronson's posse has no jurisdiction in Gatorsburg and therefore could not have arrested Gator Family.


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