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Gatton Bugster is a Bugster created from the data of Gatton, the final boss of a mecha-themed fighting game called Gekitotsu Robots, and an antagonist in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

He was voiced by Yūichi Iguchi and later voiced a Vise Jamen from 2020 TV series called Mashin Sentai Kiramager.


Gatton was originally created to serve as the final boss of the robot-themed fighting game Gekitotsu Fighter produced by Genm Corp.

Gatton first emerged from the body of Mai Yamato, a buyō dancer. He fought Ex-Aid but would up retreating after being overwhelmed by the Rider's superior strength.

He later fought Ex-Aid again and was soon joined by Kamen Rider Genm. However, Ex-Aid received assistance from Kamen Rider Brave, who destroyed Gatton with a Taddle Critical Slash. Gatton's debris was then collected by Genm in the Gashacon Bugvisor so he could be used to complete Kamen Rider Chronicle.

Gatton reemerged at Level 40 from Shido, a member of the band Neironzu. He wound up being destroyed by Brave again with a Drago Knight Critical Strike.

After Parado completed Kamen Rider Chronicle, Gatton appeared as a boss within the game, at first having the advantage over the Ride-Players due to the difficulty scale being tilted in his favor. He was destroyed again by Ride-Player Nico.


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