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F###ing Androids...
~ Gavin's recurring quote, also said by many others in the game
Gavin: I've been dreaming about this since the first second I saw you...
Connor: Don't do it Gavin... I know how to stop the Deviants!
Gavin: You're off the case... And now, it's gonna be definitive.
~ Gavin before trying to kill Connor.

Gavin Reed is a major antagonist in the video game Detroit: Become Human. He is a detective in the Detroit City Police Department. He was voiced and motion-captured by Neil Newborn, who also voices Elijah Kamski in the same game, as well as Nicholai Ginovaef in the Resident Evil 3 remake.


Gavin is first seen in the interrogation room watching Hank Anderson trying to interrogate a captured HK400 for murdering Carlos Ortiz, his owner. When he is not getting any answers, Connor, the android sent by CyberLife, suggests he could try interrogating it, causing Gavin to laugh at this suggestion. After the interrogation is over, he ordered a police officer named Chris Miller to drag the android into a cell, but it refuses to move. If Connor tried to interfere three times, Gavin points a gun at him, but Hank stopped him by holding a gun at him as well. Gavin will get angry at both of them and walks out.

He is later seen hanging out with a female cop named Tina Chen when Connor comes to Detroit Police Department looking for Hank. If Connor choose to make coffee for him, Gavin will knock it away from him and threaten Connor to stay out of his way. If he refuse or ignore Gavin, Connor will say he only follows Hank Anderson's orders and not Gavin's orders. Gavin punches him in the stomach and says that if Hank was not around during the interrogation, he would have damaged him badly for disobeying a human (if Hank and Connor interfered with Gavin on the HK400) or say when a human gives an order Connor should obey. He and officer Chen then walk away.

Later on, he's seen at the Eden Club investigating the death of Michael Graham caused by a blue-haired Traci. When Connor and Hank arrived to investigate, Gavin is annoyed that they are here and immediately leaves, but not before insulting the latter of being an alcoholic and shoving the former upon leaving.

Lastly, he is seen at the police station insulting Connor when he walked to the evidence room due to the fact that he's no longer needed in the case. If Connor chooses to talk to him in an ironic tone or ignores him, Gavin will appear with a gun after he found the location to Jericho, a refuge for deviant androids. Despite Connor's pleas that he can stop the deviants, Gavin ignored his protest, and he attempts to kill him. Unfortunately for him, Connor triumphs the fight, leaving him knocked down unconscious. Richard Perkins, an FBI agent, and other police officers will see him on the floor and Perkins will tell an officer to sound the alarm that someone has been tampering with his evidence.


Gavin is a very unpleasant and unkind person, told to be ruthlessly ambitious and will do anything to advance in his career, even if it means treading on others. Throughout the course of the game, Gavin is unapologetically arrogant, vulgar and mocking. According to the his in-game profile, Gavin's hostility towards Hank is common knowledge within the police precinct (a relationship that seems fairly mutual), and he mocks the lieutenant for his alcoholism. It also says that he has garnered the hatred of his colleagues in 'record time', indicating that the other police don't like him either. He also proves to be insensitive, as he insults a murder victim at an android sex club by making a lewd comment and laughing.

Gavin is also abusive towards Connor due to him being an android. If Connor refuses to obey him, Gavin punches him in the stomach and threatens him for disobeying a human, while (determinately) saying that he would have damaged Connor badly had Hank not stopped him. Gavin can also fight and destroy Connor, saying that he had wanted to do so since they first met. This behaviour might be from an insecurity vibe, due to androids having replaced humans in many occupations.

He also has a short temper and threatens to shoot Connor if the android interferes with Chris moving an android who murdered his owner. While he is stopped by Hank under gunpoint, he curses at them both and says that Hank won't get away with it before furiously storming out.


  • Gavin is an arguably popular character within the game's fanbase, with his furious swearing pronunciation "Phck!" being humorously pointed out by a lot of fans. Some also tend to pair him with Connor. The android can even say that he'll miss their "bromance" in the game depending on their interactions.
    • On the other hand, many fans hate him due to his rude and unpleasant attitude.
  • Gavin's police badge reads "Police Lieutenant", which is likely a developer oversight.
    • However, a data miner found another Gavin Reed model with a description referring to him as a lieutenant.
  • Gavin is similar to Carter Blake from Heavy Rain due to his role and personality, both characters are also from David Cage video games.


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