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You might say I've seen the peering into the darkness. And now you're going to see it, too.
~ Gavla to Tanma

Gavla is a one of the antagonists who appeared in the BIONICLE series, serving as a minor antagonist in the 2008 storyline. She was a female Av-Matoran who lived in Karda Nui with Tanma, Photok, Solek, Kirop and Radiak before she was corrupted by one of the members of the Brotherhood of Makuta and she became one of the Shadow Matoran.



Prior of the main events of the story, Galva and the other Av-Matoran were created on the Southern Continent in 100,000 years ago. Later, she was sent to Karda Nui, where she assisted in the preparation of the cavern for Mata Nui's use. After the preparations were completed, she and the other Av-Matoran went back to the Southern Continent.

Some time after the Great Cataclysm, Gavla and the other Av-Matoran went back to Karda Nui, where they set up the villages in the large cavern.

Battle of Karda Nui

A week after Toa Matoro sacrificed his life on reviving Mata Nui by using the Kanohi Ignika, Tanma and Gavla were tending the Scare Rahi in their village when Chirox came and hit Gavla with a Shadow Leech. This drained the light out of Gavla and turned her into a Shadow Matoran. Gavla was taken by Vamprah and served as his "eyes," as he had been blinded. Despite Gavla's claims that the shadow was where she belonged, the Toa Nuva later exposed her to a Klakk, which drained Gavla of her shadow and turned her back into a Matoran. Gavla, along with the rest of the Av-Matoran, was evacuated from Karda Nui.


Despite being an Av-Matoran, Gavla was as cold-spirited as a Shadow Matoran. She was known for being violent, rude, impatient, argumentative, rebellious, and selfish. She disbelieved in unity and therefore was happier as a Shadow Matoran. If she had her way, she would have continued to be in the service of the Makuta, as a Shadow Matoran. She always felt like she was better than everyone else, and, as a result, was disliked by many. This is not to say that Gavla was necessarily outright evil or a bad individual as one of the reasons why she became spiteful to her fellow Av-Matoran was because she lacked the friendship of them and battled them willingly because she believed the Av-Matoran wronged her in fact when she was turned back into an Av-Matoran by Takanuva and a Klakk she complained how the Av-Matoran mistreated her and how the Makuta made her feel accepted

Powers and Abilities

As a Shadow Matoran, Gavla had the ability to fire bolts of Shadow energy, along with the power to disrupt her enemy's sense of balance when linked with Vamprah. She carried two blades and wore a powerless Noble Kanohi Avsa, the Mask of Hunger, which could drain another being of their energy. As an Av-Matoran, she could fire bolts of light and had a light-based ability when linked with a being.


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