Gear Mask is the second of the Black Cross Army Masked Monsters under Iron Man Mask General Temujin.

He is voiced by Eiji Maruyama.


Gear Mask supported Temujin in his schemes to abduct the ancient Atlantis airship, which had previously destroyed the fabled city in the past before resting in Japan. As part of the main scheme to turn Japan into a second Atlantis, Gear Mask installed within himself a miniature hydrogen bomb, which he planned to use to throw himself into Mount Fuji from the airship; the nuclear impact would spark a chain reaction annihilating Japan in the same manner as the ancient city. When Ooiwa attempted to besiege him, he captured Kirenger and took him onboard just as the same time as he and Temujin held several children hostage. However Gear Mask did not know that Ooiwa had created the YTC Radio for this moment, using it to jam the frequencies within Gear Mask's body during a fight that threw them off Atlantis and thus negate the mechanics allowing for him to remove the mini-hydrogen bomb. When he faced the Gorenger, Ooiwa used the YTC to once again jam his systems allowing for him to be destroyed by the Gorenger Storm.

Modus and Arsenal

His main weapon is a staff that can produce gears that he can throw as projectiles or to lock down limbs. His body is also automated and can accept new parts and information once installed within, such as the installation of a mini-hydrogen bomb in order to sacrifice himself to blow Mount Fuji and sink Japan.


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