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The Gear REX, also known as the Nuclear Dragon, is a giant monster in the video game: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.



Gear REX was created due to mutations from nuclear test sites. Because of the mutations, Gear REX developed a protuberance resembling a gun–turret, as well as a highly acidic and corrosive mucous that is capable of melting absolutely anything it comes into contact with.

Peace Walker

Sometime afterwards, Gear REX was located at Isla del Monstruo. Gear REX was presumably not native to the island, since there was no record of any nuclear tests having been carried out in the region. Sometime afterwards, a Gear REX originating from the Pacific entered Costa Rica from the South Pacific coast and traveled to Mt. Irazu, until it reached the crater's vicinity around noon the next day and stopped, destroying several houses and buildings in the process. Because Costa Rica had abolished its army after the Costa Rican Civil War, it was unable to deal with Gear REX, and thus the MSF was dispatched to stop it.

Sometime after both the prior event and Big Boss's battle with Paz Ortega Andrade and ZEKE, a Gear REX somehow managed to board MSF's Mother Base and caused some havoc. Because of this, the MSF had to go on the defensive and defeat Gear REX.

Sandinista comandante Amanda Valenciano Libre once commented on feeding Somoza to Gear REX during Big Boss's fight against the monster. Her brother Chico told Big Boss of a legend that Gear REX was a dinosaur that had been revived as a zombie and attacked people, with Big Boss expressing disbelief in the existence of zombies. Chico counters his argument by stating that Haiti plantations had used zombies as slaves for years, and had even handed down a secret zombie powder over many generations.


  • The Gear REX bears a strong resemblance to the Metal Gear REX


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